'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Is Caught In The Crossfire As Patient 6 And Jason Conflict Takes A Nasty Turn

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam (Kelly Monaco) is forced to make a choice between Patient 6 (Steve Burton) and Jason (Billy Miller). She finds that she is conflicted over making a choice between staying with Jason or accepting what appears to be evidence that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan. General Hospital spoilers state that Sam is overwhelmed when Patient makes a powerful plea on November 17. She declares that she believes Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan. Jason (Billy Miller) is shocked when he catches them hugging.

Although Sam is won over by the evidence that Patient 6 has memories of their courtship and marriage, she soon begins to doubt her decision. She is terrified by the responsibility of making a decision that leaves one man heartbroken. The more difficult decision from Sam's perspective would be to break the heart of the man she is currently with -- Jason (Billy Miller) -- by abandoning him for the other. Yet, the alternative of forcing herself to stay with Jason after she's convinced that Patient 6 is the real Jason seems inconceivable.

Will Sam decide to stay with Jason only because she is unable to bring herself to break his heart?

Current General Hospital buzz suggests that Sam will eventually stay with Jason (Billy Miller). However, GH could spring a surprise and fans could find they are unprepared for the ordeal of watching Miller's character suffer the trauma of rejection, as well as the terrifying experience of losing his entire life after everyone abandons him simply because it turns out that he is not the real Jason Morgan.

Even now, the specter of defeat haunting Miller's character is reflected in his shrill tones in a confrontation with Patient 6, who maintains a relatively calm and cool exterior in the face of daunting challenges.

However, both men will experience tremendous pressure that could unhinge them as the fight for their identity and existence escalates. Jason fears that Patient 6 has come to Port Charles to steal his life, while Patient 6 believes that Jason has already stolen his entire existence and that he must take it back from him.
The fact that both men will see the contest as a life and death struggle makes the situation prone to dangerous escalation.

Patient 6 is already under pressure from his allies, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright), to step up the challenge and adopt a winner-takes-all approach. They are urging Patient 6 to fight ruthlessly without mercy.

However, a ruthless approach to the conflict could backfire on Patient 6. Jason's mounting rage signals danger ahead. As pressure mounts on him, he could easily lose control.

Losing Sam could prove the last straw that unhinges Jason, leading him to resort to deadly violence in a desperate bid to salvage his ravaged existence. By the time it becomes clear to him that he has lost the fight to keep Sam, Jason could see himself as having nothing left to lose. Thus, he could go after Patient 6 without the normal restraints of a healthy and stable mind.

As a result, Jason and Patient 6's confrontation could take a nasty turn when they square up for the final showdown.

Of course, the foregoing is not intended to disparage Patient 6's ability to take care of himself. He has demonstrated his toughness and ability to survive extreme circumstances. However, only a happy ending that results when contesting parties are willing to compromise and make sacrifices could prove the most satisfying conclusion to the Jason twin saga.

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