'This Is Us' Spoilers: Justin Hartley Teases Even Tougher Times Are Ahead For Kevin Pearson

Fans are buzzing about Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us, as everybody involved gave heartbreaking performances. A lot was disclosed during "Number One," and it sounds as if viewers will need to brace themselves for more heartbreak in the next couple of episodes as well. Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson, is opening up about his character's difficult path and shares a few This Is Us spoilers about where things head next.

Justin Hartley talked with TV Insider about the downward spiral Kevin Pearson has been on, especially throughout "Number One," and he teased some This Is Us spoilers noting that there are even darker days ahead. Hartley said that he was excited to tackle the script for this week's episode, adding that it was the kind of script an actor waits his whole life to get. Justin said he was thrilled the writers trusted him enough to pull it off and while it was hard work, it was fun to face such a challenge.

At the end of Tuesday's episode, Kevin went to Randall to ask for help, but the big shocker related to Kate's pregnancy threw the conversation in another direction. Will Kevin push through and ask his brother for the help he so desperately needs? Unfortunately, This Is Us spoilers indicate that as the news regarding Kate takes center stage, Kevin won't try to ask Randall for help again anytime soon as that moment has passed.

The This Is Us star shares via Entertainment Weekly that it was important to him that this storyline not come off as contrived or inaccurate. Hartley says he was a bit intimidated to take on this storyline, but he knows it's his job to bring enough depth to Kevin throughout these struggles that the audience continues to root for him.

Fans shouldn't expect this addiction journey to wrap up easily and quickly in a tidy package, as Hartley's This Is Us spoilers detail that things are going to get even harder for Kevin in the episodes ahead. The necklace incident may have looked like rock bottom for this Pearson family member, but apparently, Kevin hasn't hit his rock bottom quite yet.

Viewers know that Jack's death is coming soon, in the sense that teen Kevin had his leg injury when the Pearson house fire happened and Jack died. Are Kevin and Jack able to repair their relationship before that devastating event? Interestingly, Hartley teases that he isn't sure. His This Is Us spoilers indicate that the cast hasn't shot that part of the season yet. That would seem to indicate that further answers regarding the catastrophic Pearson death won't come until quite a bit later in Season 2.

How far will Kevin sink and what will propel him to turn things around? Is there still any hope for Kevin and Sophie, and just what is the truth about Jack Pearson's death? Fans are dying to see where things head next and cannot wait to see what new This Is Us spoilers emerge heading into the fall finale in two weeks.

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