Duggar Family Reportedly Divided On Derick Dillard's TLC Firing

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar's husband, was recently fired from the hit TLC show Counting On. The reality TV star was ousted thanks to his insensitive comments toward trans teenager and star of I Am Jazz, Jazz Jennings.

Jazz, 17, has been living as a female since she was very young. However, due to Derick's strict Christian beliefs, he feels that there is no such thing as a transgender person and that Jazz's family is "using her" for their own personal gain.

Derick not only feels this way but took to social media to post about how he does not believe transgender people exist, naming Jazz on several occasions.

After his original tweets, outraged social media users called for him to be fired from the TLC program, but the network remained silent. Now, however, it seems that after repeated tweets, TLC could no longer ignore Derick's tweets and had to do something about it. He was subsequently fired from the show, but they have not stated what will happen with Jill Duggar Dillard or her children.

Currently, Derick is running a fundraiser, trying to raise $10,000 for his missionary work.

According to anonymous tipsters close to the Duggar family, the family itself is divided on who to blame when it comes to Derick's firing.

According to the insider, who spoke to Radar Online, the family is very careful not to criticize one another in public. However, some of the family members think Derick is to blame for speaking out against Jazz personally. It is safe to assume that most of the Duggar family members share Derick's strict Christian beliefs on transgender people, however, several of Jill's siblings think he opened his mouth before thinking.

Other members of the family are reportedly angry at TLC, as they feel Derick was just stating his "Christian beliefs" and it is "unfair" for him to be fired for "speaking God's word."

Although the Duggars are trying to maintain a united front, according to the insider, it hasn't been easy as of late.

The insider also claims that Derick is really having a hard time right now and is doing his best to maintain a cheerful attitude.

[Featured Image by Jill M. Dillard/Instagram]