Looks Like The SNES Classic Mini Is Available On GameStop’s Website, Walmart Sale Now Live [Updated]

Walmart recently announced via Twitter that the retail store would start selling the SNES Classic Mini on November 15, 16, and 17. Retroseekers who are eager to score the retrospective console can head over to Walmart’s website and hope to get their hands on the $80 console. Today, GameStop secretly made the SNES Mini Classic available on their website. In fact, news over the SNES Classic Mini’s availability flooded Twitter, spreading the good news among retro video game fans.

A big shoutout to Warrio64 for spotting GameStop’s sneaky launch of the SNES Classic Mini restock. Apparently, the listing is quite surprising. It appears that GameStop is offering a pricey $124.99 SNES Classic Mini Bundle, which is higher than its original price.

Moreover, the GameStop SNES Classic Mini listing specifically mentioned that the product is not applicable for returns unless complete and in sealed condition. Upon writing this article, the listing is good to go. Hunters who have successfully purchased the console shared their excitement over Twitter. Therefore, for SNES Classic Mini seekers out there looking to score the retro console, now is your time. Be quick, before the site crashes.

Update: The GameStop link for Nintendo SNES Classic Mini is now unavailable. But, Walmart’s SNES Classic Mini sale is now live.

The Nintendo SNES Classic Mini remains an on-demand commodity for the gaming community, as it continues to be out of stock in major retail stores. In fact, Walmart’s SNES Classic Mini restock earned a massive appreciation from Nintendo’s faithful fans. The retail store will be selling the product for three consecutive days, fulfilling the promise of providing daily stocks for the SNES Classic Mini console.

Walmart Restock Updates

As Walmart started to relay the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini stocks, hunters began to flock in the retailer’s online store. Apparently, some successfully booked the order while others have to wait for the next availability.

Walmart’s Nintendo SNES Classic Mini sale runs from November 15 to 17. Since stocks are in a limited quantity, Walmart advised checking for availability during business hours before items run out. What Walmart is doing for their customers is to give equal opportunities. In fact, the product is live now!

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