'Chicago P.D.' Spoilers: Jay Halstead Emotional Journey, New Romance, Jesse Lee Soffer Talks About Sophia Bush

Chicago P.D. spoilers reveal Jay Halstead will face a downward spiral and he will be involved in a new romance.

In the upcoming episode of Chicago P.D., Jay needs to go undercover after they discover a new kidnapping crew which includes a former Army Ranger, Luis. The criminals kidnap the kids of drug dealers and ask for ransom. This would have a significant impact on Jay's emotional state.

Chicago P.D. star Jesse Lee Soffer revealed Jay will struggle with his identity and he doesn't want "to deal with the things that he's done and the things that he's seen." Soffer added Jay will try to appear in complete control and be someone he's not.

Jay's Undercover Mission

During the episode premiere of Chicago P.D., Jay shot a little girl by accident and this will continue to haunt him. As for Jay's insistence on going undercover, Soffer revealed this is his character's way of coping with his PTSD. He can use his job as a distraction, so he wouldn't have to deal with his personal issues. Plus, the case is personal for him since he knows Luis.

Chicago P.D. spoilers tease Jay will connect with Luis while undercover. In the process of gathering intel, he becomes just a bit too close to the guy. As for Jay's feelings towards the man, Soffer comments his character cares about Luis and wants him to have a better life. However, he needs to find a way to save the man while doing the right thing. Chicago P.D. spoilers reveal Jay will also build a relationship with Luis' sister Camila. After seeing what the woman has to deal with, Jay will cross the line and his feelings will get involved.

The upcoming episode of Chicago P.D. will reveal the extent of Jay's emotional turmoil. He is not someone who can put his trust in someone easily, and spoilers tease he will try to deal with all his demons by himself.

Sophia Bush Exit

Sophia Bush who plays the role of Lindsay in Chicago P.D. filmed several scenes with Soffer due to the relationship between their characters.

As for Bush's exit, Soffer explains it is always sad to see a cast member leave. In the interview with TVLine, he revealed he was also surprised by Bush's sudden exit. According to him, Bush is a huge part of Chicago P.D. He added that it is difficult since they created something together "but the show must go on."

Despite Bush's sudden decision, the actor thinks Jay and Lindsay had closure. However, with Jay's current mental state, he will naturally feel lost. Interesting enough, spoilers reveal Hailey Upton will try to reach out to him.

Chicago P.D. airs on Wednesday, 10 p.m. on NBC.

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