Rory Feek Gives Health Update On Indy Nearly 2 Years After Her Mother's Death

Effie Orfanides

It has been nearly two years since Rory Feek lost his wife, Joey, to cancer. Rory has been spending his days raising the couple's daughter, Indiana, who turned 3 in February. The father-daughter duo keeps Joey's memory alive by visiting her grave, planting flowers, and simply living each day to the fullest.

While Rory and Joey's story was all over the internet in early 2016, Rory has chosen to keep his life out of the tabloids. He also spends time with his other daughters, Heidi and Hopie, and shares pictures and other updates on Instagram for his fans to read from time to time.

In his most recent post, Rory shared a wonderful update about Indiana, whom he lovingly calls "Indy." Indy was born with Down Syndrome with a hole in her heart. Every six months, she has to see a cardiologist for heart check-ups. Her most recent check-up provided some great news, and Rory wanted to share that with fans.

He posted a few pictures of Indy at the doctor on social media and let everyone know that his baby girl is doing great and that the hole in her heart is getting smaller. This, of course, is really great news! You can see this update in the photos below.

Back in April, Rory posted a similar update, letting fans know that the hold in Indy's heart was "closing." It appears as though the move in the right direction is continuing and that Indy's body is doing all the right things to ensure that she lives a happy life.

[Featured Image by Rory Feek/Instagram]