Briana DeJesus Reveals She's Seeing Plastic Surgeon: Competing With Kailyn Lowry's Looks?

Briana DeJesus has confirmed that she's dating Javi Marroquin. The two have been spotted together several times since Briana joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 this season. Javi and Briana started out as friends, but it was clear that Marroquin wanted more. While he was eager to announce their relationship status, Briana held back. Perhaps she wanted to respect Kailyn Lowry, as she was indeed dating the ex-husband of one of her co-stars. However, Lowry didn't seem to care and DeJesus agreed to go public. Now, Briana is doing something that Lowry did after splitting with Javi.

According to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus is now revealing that she has a consultation with the famous Dr. Miami this upcoming Monday. Of course, several people thought she was joking as she looks great, but she wasn't kidding. When a fan asked her what she was thinking about getting done, Briana revealed a lengthy wishlist. It sounds like this meeting is just the consultation, which means she still needs to make an appointment to have the surgery. In other words, don't expect Briana to look completely different by the end of next week if she chooses to go through with the surgery. It has been a few months since she gave birth to her daughter Stella, so the doctor may feel it's alright to do a surgery.

"The Real Dr. Miami appointment on Monday and I'm so excited," Briana revealed on Twitter and when a fan asked her what she was thinking about having done, she wrote, "I want a boob lift + implant reduction, lipo 360, tummy tuck."

In later tweets, she also added that she wanted to do her lips and possibly some botox. Of course, DeJesus is referring to Michael "Dr. Miami" Salzhauer, a famous plastic surgeon for these reality stars. He's the same doctor who performed a huge surgery on Kailyn Lowry after Javi Marroquin decided to deploy. Fans are now learning that he didn't support her decision to have all of the work done but she's more confident these days. It is interesting that DeJesus is considering all of this work now that she's dating Javi Marroquin, as he didn't like it when Kailyn got her work done. Perhaps she made the appointment before they started dating. Could she be competing with Kailyn? It doesn't sound like it, but she should think twice before going through with such a massive surgery.

You can catch Briana DeJesus on the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special next Monday night on MTV.

[Featured Image via MTV]