Leah Messer Reveals What She's Done To Get Her Glowing Look After Rumors Of Plastic Surgery And Pills

Leah Messer filmed the Teen Mom 2 reunion special a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles with her co-stars and they were all very excited to hang out again. But for once, Leah looked happy, positive, and confident. Over the past couple of years, Messer has always had some issues when filming the reunion specials. This could be drama with her ex-husbands, custody over the twins, or even her own anxiety problems that resulted in her mixing up her medications. But this year, Leah looked happy and healthy and many fans wondered what had caused her to look so much better than before.

Some of her followers accused her of possibly undergoing surgery for her new look. Leah revealed she could only laugh at the stories that she had plastic surgery. Then others revealed that she could be popping pills again. However, it seems like her new look is a result of conscious decisions to live a better life. Over the past couple of months, Messer has been preaching about positivity and being the best you can be – and it sounds like she has been taking her own advice. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that it is healthy choices that have resulted in her new look.

"I personally think leading a 'healthier' lifestyle compared to a year or so ago contributed to her glowing appearance more than the skin care," one person wrote after Leah Messer denied having plastic surgery for her new look, adding herself, "That's exactly what happens! I live a completely different life."

Messer would probably argue that she doesn't have a desire or time to have plastic surgery. She has been taking care of her three daughters by herself and she has returned to school. Getting a degree and working towards a career in public speaking may take up all of her spare time. Plus, Leah doesn't need plastic surgery. As she points out herself, her new look is due to her changing up what she consumes, which could be alcohol, fast food, and not enough vegetables. Maybe she's making conscious decisions for herself, including healthier foods, more fresh air, and some personal time to herself after her daughters have been put to bed. While Leah's desire to do motivational speaking is a relatively new goal and passion, it's something that she has been working on for a few months already. And those fans that have seen her speak are impressed with her performance.

Leah Messer is back next week on MTV for the conclusion of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

[Featured Image by MTV]