'Gold Rush' Update: Todd Hoffman Shut Down Again -- Are Parker Schnabel's Problems Keeping Them From Gold?

Is Gold Rush Season 8 really about the young guns? Todd Hoffman claims his son Hunter is better looking than Justin Bieber, but it appears that the 18-year-old has more than his looks to fall back on. Hunter Hoffman is proving to be the most talented gold miner on the ragtag Hoffman crew, and he is not afraid to shut down Todd. As for Parker Schnabel, the young miner has been shut down, too. Can he and Rick Ness keep their heads above water and get more gold than Todd?

In the aptly named episode "Son Dethrones Father," Hunter Hoffman has demonstrated that he has learned a lot from former Gold Rush star Dave Turin.

Monsters and Critics recently reported a few weeks ago, Hunter spoke of Turin, who sadly is no longer on the Discovery Channel show, and how he taught him well. And like Parker's own coming-of-age story, Hunter also learned a lot from Jack Hoffman, Parker's granddad. He has been mining since he was a young kid, and he learned his mining lessons well.

So, when Jack invited Hunter to check out the one day total in the gold room, a mere 4.05 ounces, Hunter knows they need to step it up -- and this means some risk-taking!

Hunter promptly shuts down Monster Red, because they are running overburden, and they need to clear it. He then wants to shut down Double Trouble, but Todd will not have any of it.

It appeared to be the battle of wills as Hunter took the initiative and shut down Double Trouble. Todd argues with his son about this and finally gives him the ultimatum of two days to clear the overburden.

After some equipment failure and accusations that this is "amateur hour," Hunter gets an extra day to clear the overburden.

The gold total is 46.75 ounces, yet that is not the biggest news. This week's digging discovered some "cobble and bigger stuff." This means that next week should be some good gold for the Hoffman crew!

Now, who said "amateur hour"? Sounds like more beginner's luck for the eighth season of mining for the Hoffmans.

What about Parker? The settling pond is flooding, and it is streaming into the cut. What a disaster for the Schnabel crew! And working the pump at full blast is not a wise solution either, as the piston explodes, and shuts them down.

Thanks to some ingenious teamwork, they make it happen and make repairs. Sluicifer gets 106.1 ounces, while Big Red gets 90.5 ounces.

Whether they know it or not, they beat the Hoffman team again this week. However, how can they get to their goal of 5,000 ounces with setbacks like this?

This week, Gold Rush fans discover that Tony Beets has three dredges, and that's a good thing too. The second dredge has a pontoon problem, which can be resolved with the third dredge, which has perfect pontoons. After some issues hauling the pontoons, the Viking gets some bigger trucks to pull the pontoons to the second dredge, and their problems are solved.

Next week, what new problem could keep Parker from winning his bet against Todd Hoffman? There are always some unexpected surprises that seem to happen on Gold Rush!

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]