Lady Gaga, Pink Writing Madonna Diss Song Amid Ongoing Feud: Collaboration To Fight Back At 'Bully' Madge

Lady Gaga and Pink are coming together to collaborate on what will eventually become the ultimate Madonna diss track, according to a new report, via OK! Magazine.

The outlet says that Pink had grown tiresome of Madonna's shenanigans when it came to her good pal, Gaga, who she feels has often been taunted by the "Frozen" singer for apparently being too similar to her.

Madonna has publicly stressed in the past that she sees a lot of herself in Lady Gaga and that the inspiration the "Poker Face" hitmaker has taken from the music icon definitely goes unnoticed.

Sources say that Madonna has been bothered by the comparisons for years because she considers herself the original while Lady Gaga became nothing more than someone who took a lot of ideas from the pop diva and tried to brand it as her own.

Pink has had enough, the source tells OK! magazine.

Being the tough spirit animal that she is, Pink reportedly feels as if Lady Gaga is making herself a victim to constantly allow herself being made a victim in a situation that is ridiculous to the mother-of-two.

Pink has even told Lady Gaga that she doesn't agree with Madonna's views and the way that the "4 Minutes" singer has handled herself over Gaga's success is shameful and anything but nice.

In an attempt to get revenge, the duo has reportedly teamed up and started writing lyrics for a forthcoming song that will ultimately be branded as a diss track aimed at Madonna.

Pink and Lady Gaga feel as if Madonna needs a taste of her own medicine and understand that targeting other women in the industry is anything but acceptable, the insider notes, which seems ironic since a diss track is allegedly in the works aimed at another female.

Whatever the case may be, considering the supposed fact that Lady Gaga has already worked on material for the song, it would seem that she agrees with the way Pink feels about the situation and wants to put it out as soon as possible.

The two have remained quiet about the alleged upcoming collaboration, but should it be true, it's bound to ruffle some weathers in the pop industry.

[Featured Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]