Liam Hemsworth Posts Throwback Photo Of His Parents For Mom's Birthday And Proves He And Chris Look Like Dad

In honor of his mother's birthday, Liam Hemsworth posted a throwback picture of his parents on Instagram. In the post, the actor wished his "beautiful mum" a happy birthday, while also questioning what it was that his dad was doing in the picture. However, no matter what it is that his father was doing in the picture, which looks like an image from their wedding, Liam Hemsworth wanted his mother to know how much he loves her, while also letting her know that she is the "best." He then finishes the post with a message to his father in which he simply says, "dad you're an idiot."

While Liam Hemsworth may have been wishing his mother a happy birthday, as the Daily Mail reports, one of the most striking things about the picture on Instagram is just how much both Liam and Chris Hemsworth look like their father. As part of a famous Hollywood family, it makes sense that there would be a lot of attention on all of the Hemsworth family, and with his Instagram post, Liam shined a light on exactly where the good looks of the family came from. Even with his eyes seemingly closed and a funny expression on his face, the family resemblance between father and sons is certainly uncanny. In fact, many of Liam Hemsworth's followers commented on his post, pointing out the family resemblance between Chris, Liam, and their father.

Among the comments left on Liam Hemsworth's post was one which said that he and Chris are like a copy and paste version of their dad. Another follower said that while they may certainly look like their father, they "are gorgeous like your mum." Some people even thought that the man in the picture was Liam, instead of his father. As more and more of his followers saw his Instagram post, many commented on just how much he and his brother look like their father, while also taking the time to send their birthday wishes to the actor's mother.

While the brothers may look like their father, Liam Hemsworth is the youngest of three boys behind Chris who is 34 years old and Luke who is 37 years old. Although the Hemsworth brothers are very close, in past interviews Liam has shared that there is a bit of a rivalry between himself and his siblings. In fact, he shared that they are all very competitive and this is a good thing for all of them because it actually pushes each of them to always do their best. However, when it comes to family there is nothing but love, and all of the Hemsworth brothers are willing to share just how proud of each other they are, while also honoring their parents.

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]