Kylie Jenner Fears Baby Birth: Pregnant ‘KUWTK’ Star Regretting Decision To Start Family?

Kylie Jenner is beyond scared of becoming a mother, something which she reportedly only recently started to realize.

Sources tell Radar Online that Kylie thinks she may have made a mistake by thinking that starting a family with rapper Travis Scott was a wise move because she doesn’t even feel as if she can take care of herself yet.

Having grown up with money and fame, Kylie has never been exposed to the reality of life, let alone taking care of a baby, chasing diapers, among other things.

With her career booming right now, as her empire is close to reaching $1 billion in revenue, Kylie Jenner may have thought that she’s experienced enough to challenge herself in becoming a mother, but now she sees that the decision was rather reckless.

Sources reveal to the publication that Kylie Jenner feels alone and scared; she’s trying to put up a strong persona to her friends and family, but it’s evidently clear that she’s questioning the decision she’s made to have a child at such a young age.

She’s always talked about having kids, but now that it’s becoming a reality, at 20 years old, Kylie Jenner has supposedly made it known that she should have thought about it with a clear mind before acting upon the thought of becoming a mother.

Kylie Jenner is receiving all kinds of support from her siblings, but not even that can put her mind at rest that when the baby arrives she will be a doting and good mother.

Kylie reportedly sees herself as a teenager, and while her friends will be traveling the world and working on exciting projects, she will be spending her days taking care of her baby with Travis — a life she might not be ready for.

With the lip kit line doing incredibly well and supposed plans to expand to more beauty products under the Kylie Cosmetics brand, Jenner feels that being a mother could potentially stop her from focusing on her career path.

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This would explain why Jenner has remained so quiet about her pregnancy on social media. The TV personality hasn’t said one word about the fact that she’s expecting her first child, and insiders think it’s to do with her doubts of whether becoming a mother at 20 was a wise decision.

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