What Ivanka Trump’s Body Language Around Her Father Reveals, According To Communication Experts

Ivanka Trump is notoriously poised, confident, and articulate in her presentation. She’s polished while her father, President Donald Trump, is unfiltered. In spite of that, the pair seem very close. What does the first daughter’s body language around her father reveal?

Bustle interviewed a few communications experts who study the psychology behind how people present themselves both publicly and privately. They were asked about the body language of Ivanka Trump and how she responds to her father. The body language of her husband, Jared Kushner, was also addressed in their analysis.

Ruth Sherman is an expert and trainer on how people present themselves in public. She explains that Ivanka Trump was “professionally trained,” taught by her parents, or figured it out on her own growing up in the public eye.

Nick Morgan is also an expert on body language and presentation. He theorizes that Ivanka Trump’s response to her father when they’re seen together has to do with his “big presence in public.” Morgan also thinks the same body language is true for Jared Kushner. They both appear “so much more poised” than Donald Trump who has an “out-sized personality that dominates the room.” Morgan has spent time studying the public reactions of Ivanka and Jared with the president and believes their responses are more of “negation of Trump rather than a positive sense of being poised.”

Unfortunately for Ivanka and Jared, Morgan concludes that they come off as “inauthentic” by exuding a more poised demeanor compared to that of Trump’s conduct.

“They seem to be AWOL to me. If they are there, they are hiding. As a result, the huge contrast between them and President Trump, they seem deeply and profoundly inauthentic.”

The body language expert goes on to share that Ivanka Trump interacts normally with “inner banter” and is smiling, but she’s cautious in her “calculated and empty” answers. It gives no sense that a “real person” is underneath. Morgan doesn’t know if it’s just a public persona Ivanka has as a tool to allow her father “room to maneuver” of they’re like that in private settings as well.

Ivanka Trump's Body Language Around Donald Trump Analyzed By Communications Experts
Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Tony Reiman, an expert in non-verbal communication and author of The Power of Body Language, discusses those few cringe-worthy moments between Ivanka and Donald Trump. One such instance was when Trump said in an interview on The View that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, perhaps he’d be dating her. Reiman observes that when Trump talks about his daughter in such a manner, “you can see her shrink.”

“Embarrassed or submissive or feeling it’s inappropriate, you shrug forward or tuck your head. He said something about her appearance and she looks down and closes up a bit.”

Reiman mentions some non-verbal cues that he’s seen from Ivanka in regards to defending her father. He suspects that the first daughter can be “intimidating” when she’s defending someone she’s close to. She has defended the president in many interviews and feels its easier for his critics to rip him to shreds instead of making a difference like he’s trying to do. Reiman explains that when Ivanka supports someone she cares about, she “shows her power with a smile rather than contempt unless you’re really looking for it.” The body language expert continues that when she’s on film, you can see the contempt in her expressions at times. One side of her mouth goes upward and she wrinkles her nose slightly. It’s quick, but not a micro gesture, Reiman imparts. It’s probably something Ivanka isn’t aware that she’s doing, but it comes out when she slips up on her “poker face” during interviews when he’s not verbalizing contempt.

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