Grant Gustin Posts Statement Of Support For Women Who Stepped Forward, Following Andrew Kreisberg Suspension

After 19 people stepped forward to share their stories of having been either sexually harassed, or the victim of some other form of misconduct, Andrew Kreisberg, the Executive Producer for The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, was suspended from all of the shows that he works on pending an investigation. Since the allegations against Kreisberg were made public, stars from the different CW programs that he works on have stepped forward to share their support for the 19 individuals who came forward. The latest star to issue a statement is Grant Gustin, the star of The Flash, who posted a moving statement of support on Instagram.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in his statement Gustin starts off by saying that he knows that he is someone who is privileged, and that he lives in a world where not everyone has those same privileges and rights. The Flash actor shared that it is because of his privilege that he tends to forget that others do not have the same experiences that he does. Grant Gustin said that every day it seems as if people are learning of “different men, again and again, especially in the industry that I work in, treating women as if they are less than, and both physically and emotionally abusing them.”

While every day may seem to bring new allegations of abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry, Gustin made it clear that “this is not ok,” and he does not want this to become a normal thing. The actor said that over the past few weeks, as more and more allegations have been made against so many people in the industry, he has not known exactly what to say. Now he simply wants to say that he wants to personally be better. Grant Gustin said that what he wants is to be “a better man, a better ally.”

Gustin also spoke to the many women in his life, letting them know that he stands with them. The actor said that he not only supports all of them, but he wanted them to know that he is hearing them as well.

Grant Gustin addressed all of the women who have been coming forward over the last few weeks, telling them that he is in awe over what they have done, and the strength and courage they have shown by telling their stories. While he may play the superhero the Flash on the small screen, the way he sees things “these women are the real superheroes, and they should be treated as such.”

By posting his statement, Grant Gustin joins Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and other cast members of the CW’s DC shows in not only condemning those who would abuse their power, but also offering their support to the accusers. With Warner Bros. and the production company behind all of these shows investigating the situation with Andrew Kreisberg, everyone involved hopes to find a way to make their work environment one that is harassment free and safe for people to not only work, but to also speak up when something happens.

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