‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Tamara Braun’s Character, Kim Nero, Recognize Patient 6 As Oscar’s Father?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Tamara Braun (formerly Carly Corinthos) returns to GH as a new character whose arrival in Port Charles will introduce a new dramatic twist to the developing plot of the Jason twin mystery. General Hospital fans are speculating about who Braun’s new character could be. The consensus is that she is returning to the cast of General Hospital as Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) mom, Dr. Kim Nero. GH spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Dr. Kim Nero has a past connection with Patient 6 (Steve Burton). GH buzz indicates that Patient 6 could turn out to be Oscar’s father

The latest GH promo video, which focuses on the ongoing contest between Patient 6 and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), also gives fans a glimpse of Braun’s character and suggests that she would play an important role in the plot of the Jason twin mystery.

Patient 6 Confronts His Past?

Spoilers from Soap Central tease Braun’s character will arrive in Port Charles on November 22 and that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will play host to Oscar and his mom, Dr. Kim Nero. The pair will join the Corinthos family for Thanksgiving. It seems that Patient 6 will also attend the Thanksgiving get together.

Braun’s character, Dr. Kim Nero, is shown in the GH promo video rising to her feet, and gaping with a shocked expression on her face, as she stares at something or someone unexpected.

It seems from the context of the video that Kim will recognize Patient 6 as someone she had known before. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, GH fans are speculating that Kim runs into Patient 6 at Carly’s and immediately recognizes him as Oscar’s long-missing father?

Is Patient 6 Oscar’s Dad?

If it turns out, as fans expect, that Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) recognizes Patient 6 as her son’s long-lost father, then fans can expect that her arrival in Port Charles will add exciting drama to the unfolding Jason twin plot. Some fans are speculating that the adults could try to keep Oscar and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) in the dark about the surprising development, but Patient 6 might well want to meet his son if he is able to recall him.

Fans will recall that Josslyn found a letter addressed to Kim by someone in San Diego who might have been Oscar’s father. The person wrote about a gift that he left with Kim, and which he hoped would serve as a reminder of their relationship.

Josslyn and Oscar could end up finding the gift that Oscar’s father left behind. The gift could provide a vital clue that helps to solve the mystery of which of the twins is the real Jason Morgan.

Patient 6, Sam, And Kim, Love Triangle?

The introduction of Kim to the storyline could also complicate Patient 6’s relationship with Sam (Kelly Monaco), and his effort to get back together with her. Some fans speculate that Sam would eventual stay with Billy Miller’s character regardless of whether he is the real Jason or not. In the event that Sam stays with Miler’s Jason then Patient 6 could be made to rekindle his relationship with Dr. Kim Nero.

It is likely that Kim still wants to get back together with her son’s father, but a lot will depend on the details of the circumstances in which he left them in the first place.

It has been suggested that the situation in which Patient 6 stumbles upon someone from his past could help bring back forgotten memories. For instance, if he is Drew, it could cause him to recall memories related to his identity as Drew and lead to a quick resolution of the mystery of which of the twins is Jason. However, since neither of the twins wants to be Drew, it is possible that if Patient 6 suddenly begins to recall memories related to his past as Drew, he could keep it secret.

However, Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) claim that Drew’s loss of memory is permanent and irreversible could rule out the possibility that Patient 6 begins to recall memories from his past when he meets Kim.

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