'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Thorne Steals Brooke And Forrester Creations From Ridge - Brad Bell Spills

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from a new interview published today with Bradley Bell at TV Insider/TV Guide reveal the CBS soap's plans for recast Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) to sweep into LA and take everything away from Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Given everything that Ridge has done over the past year and a half to harm his family, you could see Thorne as Ridge's personal dose of karma. Before all is said and done, B&B writer Brad Bell promises that Ridge will lose Brooke, Forrester Creations, and everything that's holding him together.

Thorne takes vengeance for Eric

Not only do the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Brad Bell in the interview published today show that Thorne will take on Ridge at home and the office, but also reveal the motive behind Thorne's actions. Thorne comes to LA intent on getting back into the family fold but then hears about Ridge locking lips with his dad's wife Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) and that changes everything. Bell says that Thorne sees the "ongoing disrespect Ridge has for Eric" and says it inspires Thorne to take on Ridge "fully and wholeheartedly."

Thorne romances Brooke

B&B spoilers have been teasing a rekindling of Thorne and Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) romance ever since Ingo Rademacher's casting was announced. Lang confirmed on Facebook that Thorne and Brooke would couple up again, and now writer Bradley Bell offers details about the romance to come for these exes. Bell says that Thorne has "seen how fragile life is and he's going to make the most of the time he has left" regarding the past losses in his life. Bell also told TV Insider that Thorne would "challenge his brother, Ridge… for the attentions of Brooke."

Thorne shakes up Forrester Creations

With Thorne returning, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise shakeups at the family design firm as well. While Ridge was always the "dressmaker" as Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) calls him, Thorne ran the non-creative side of the house. But it comes out soon, according to Brad Bell, that Thorne has learned to design while running Forrester International and plans to challenge Ridge in his wheelhouse. Bell told TV Guide that Thorne refuses to let the "Ridge and Steffy show" at Forrester creations continue. Thorne wants the rest of the Forresters in the limelight, and the fake Forresters shoved to the side.

Thorne draws family lines, Forresters take sides

As Thorne returns with a vengeance, B&B spoilers promise serious shake-ups. Even though Eric Forrester (John McCook) treats Ridge like he's a Forrester, he's not and neither is Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). They are Marones. Thorne has not forgotten that and doesn't like to see the blood Forresters sidelined. Bell says Thorne wants his brother Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) front and center getting the credit he deserves. Rick will be thrilled and that means he'll ally with Thorne in his efforts to knock Steffy and Ridge out of the co-CEO chairs. This should be fun.

Thorne is ready for battle with his big brother

Brad Bell's new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers in this interview reveal that Thorne is "sick of being Ridge's little brother" and also "sick of the oppressive regime Ridge has been running." Bell told TV Guide that "Thorne is fortified for battle" and that means Ridge had better watch out. Eric may have forgiven Ridge for kissing Quinn, but you know he didn't forget and with Thorne back in LA, as a loyal and biological son, could trigger Eric to make changes at Forrester Creations that will leave Ridge reeling and Steffy right along with him.

Thorne delivers crushing karma to Ridge

If you look back at B&B's last year, Ridge has been a creep. He tried to steal Thomas Forrester's (Pierson Fode) son with his lies about baby Douglas' paternity. Then Ridge was creeping around kissing Quinn and might have done much more given the time. Remember how they wound up on his bed in the guest house? Ridge has not been a good guy in a long, long time and is due a comeuppance. Whatever Thorne does to his big brother, most Bold and the Beautiful fans would agree that Ridge deserves it! Thorne is back for the Forrester family Thanksgiving and then everything changes!

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