Stove Top Thanksgiving Pants Aim To Do Away With One Holiday Stuffing Tradition [Video]

Stove Top Thanksgiving pants might not make their mark as the latest fashion craze, but the folks at Stove Top have developed a pair of pants to make Thanksgiving one of the most comfortable holidays of the year. The people from Stove Top, who know a lot about stuffing, are now offering up a tool of sorts for Thanksgiving that allows you to stuff yourself along with the turkey.

These Stove Top pants are advertised as apparel that will “allow people to enjoy more of Thanksgiving in comfort and style.” While the “comfort” claim is backed up by the stretch material the pants are made from, the claim of “style” might conjure up a debate among the fashion world.

When you think of some of the scenes you traditionally witness every Thanksgiving around your home, the praise that’s given to the stuffed bird as the matriarch makes the first surgical slice into the turkey might come to mind. Then there’s grandpa snoozing in the rocker with that whistling sound coming from his nose, supplying an odd rhythm to the house just as the football game kicks off on TV.

Still, there’s another behavior that is seen in many American homes after the family has ingested all the Thanksgiving delectables from the dinner table, and the Stove Top Stuffing people are aiming to do away with that tradition. You’ve seen it before, folks reaching for that top button on their pants, along with their belt buckle if they happen to be wearing one.

Then with a squeeze of their fingers and a flick of their wrist, they unleash the pressure around their belly after it’s been filled with Thanksgiving dinner. This traditional move might become a thing of the past if Stove Top’s new pants take hold. According to People Magazine, these pants were made in a limited supply, so you have to “act fast” to get yourself a pair.

These Stove Top pants are designed as “unisex” and come in one color and style only. They are created in the colors found on the Stove Top Stuffing packages. The pants are maroon with a middle piece around the waist that sports an image of their stuffing, just like you see on the Stove Top Stuffing packaging. They’ve also included their brand name near the deep pocket in the pants.

You can take a gander at the Stove Top pants or order a pair on the Thanksgiving Dinner Pants website from Stove Top here. They are sold in the sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large. They have an expandable waistline, which is where their claim to fame comes in. You don’t need to unbutton a thing; the Stove Top pants expand with you.

Stove Top is selling these pants online for the price of $19.98 a pair, but there’s only one pair per customer allowed, reports the Dayton Daily News.

[Featured Image by Natan Stucchi/Shutterstock]