'Vikings' Season 5 Theory: Will Ivar The Boneless Kill Another Brother To Get Back At Lagertha? [Spoilers]

The premiere of Vikings Season 5 is only a few weeks away and fans can finally watch the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok deal with the consequences of their father's death. But will another Lothbrok son end up dead in the upcoming season? There are speculations that Ivar the Boneless will end up killing one of his own brothers in the History series.

The fourth season of Vikings certainly had plenty of losses for Ragnar Lothbrok's children. Ragnar revealed that he is not the father of Queen Kwentrith's son Magnus, leading to the young boy's banishment from King Ecbert's court. However, the most shocking moment came in the season finale when Ivar the Boneless hurled an ax at his brother Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye, ultimately killing him. Although Ivar was visibly stunned by his own actions, there is a possibility he will commit fratricide once again in Vikings Season 5.

Alex Høgh Andersen has already confirmed that Ivar the Boneless is sorry for the accidental murder of Sigurd. However, the young actor also teased on how his character might attempt to manipulate his surviving brothers in Vikings Season 5. In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Andersen revealed that the first episode will show Ivar addressing the other Lothbrok sons and "generally being sorry." Interestingly, he then added that it might be an act.

"But is that really him, or is it him manipulating his brothers? You know, trying to make them feel sorry for him, bringing them onto his team a bit more for control, making them less hostile towards them."
Alex Høgh Andersen continued by stating that Ivar is "aware that he needs [his brothers] to reach his goals" and will probably try to persuade them to help him pillage the rest of England. But will this lead to the unfortunate death of another son of Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings Season 5?

The relationship between Ivar and Ubbe might finally fall apart in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by History]
The relationship between Ivar and Ubbe might finally fall apart in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by History Channel]

There have been speculations that Ivar the Boneless will try to kill his own brother Ubbe, who is believed to take Lagertha's side. There is a possibility that Ivar will not let his older brother stand in his way in his mission to kill the current Queen of Kattegat, even if it means killing Ubbe. On the other hand, some believe that Hvitserk is the next Lothbrok son who will meet his end because he does not appear in a bloody Vikings Season 5 poster.

Who will rise, and who will fall? Vikings Season 5 is set for a two-hour premiere on History on November 29.
[Featured Image by History Channel]