Some ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Another Duggar Daughter Just Followed Jinger And Jill In Pants-Wearing Trend

First, there was Jinger; then there was Jill. One by one, it seems like the Duggar daughters are starting to embrace a more liberal stance on their clothing choices. Now, a recent photo has emerged seemingly showing yet another member of the conservative reality TV family wearing pants in public.

The image, which was recently posted by a member of the r/CountingOn subreddit, appears to depict Ben Seewald pushing baby Ben in a stroller as they crossed a street. In front of the Duggar in-law was a young woman who, while having her back to the camera, bears a striking resemblance to Ben Seewald’s wife, Jessa Duggar.

What is particularly interesting about the recently uploaded photo was the fact that the mysterious woman walking ahead of Ben and baby Henry looked like she was wearing pants. The picture, which could be viewed here, seems to have been taken discreetly by a fan, though the uploader in the Counting On subreddit stated that Ben and Henry Seewald were definitely the ones in the photo.

Looking at the young woman on the image, it does look like she resembles some of the Duggar daughters. Her hair color and her physique, if any, does resemble Jessa’s overall look. Some members of the Counting On community, however, stated that the woman in the image might simply be wearing leggings under a skirt, not pants.

While it would be difficult to determine if the woman in the recently taken fan photo was indeed Jessa, or if she was indeed wearing pants, many members of the Reddit community noted that the mysterious lady’s whole outfit was still quite liberated compared to conventional Duggar standards of clothing. After all, even if the young woman was simply wearing leggings, the length of the skirt in the picture was far shorter than what the Duggars usually consider as appropriate.

“I agree with everyone who is saying it looks like leggings under a skirt. However, if it is Jessa, it is still a departure from her family’s modesty standards. That skirt is way shorter than knee length,” wrote one commenter.

“The skirt doesn’t even reach halfway down her thighs. Her knees are definitely showing through the jeans/leggings,” wrote another.

Other members of the r/CountingOn community, on the other hand, have suggested that the woman in the picture might not be Jessa at all. Instead, some Counting On fans believe that the mysterious lady in the recently taken fan photo is actually Jana, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

“I feel like this could be Jana. For sure leggings under a skirt,” wrote one commenter.

Nevertheless, the shorter skirt in the young woman’s overall ensemble still seems to indicate that little by little; the Duggars are getting a little bit more open-minded with their clothing choices.

What do you think about the recently uploaded fan photo? Is Jessa starting to wear more liberated clothing, or was the mysterious woman simply wearing a leggings and skirt ensemble? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Instagram]