WWE News: Triple H To Battle Jinder Mahal During WWE India Event

In recent WWE news, it was announced that “The Game” will be back in the ring once again, but this time taking on former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. “The Modern Day Maharaja” will get this marquee match in the country he represents, most likely due to the fact that there have been recent developments in his story. One of those was his loss of the WWE Championship to AJ Styles just before next Sunday’s Survivor Series 2017 pay-per-view. In addition, a previously rumored opponent was sent home following a recent SmackDown Live overseas. Here’s all of the latest about the upcoming first time ever match that’s been booked

According to a WWE Leaks’ report today, the match was initially a challenge sent by “The Game” to Mahal on Saturday night (see video below) which was accepted just recently. Now, the Triple H vs. Jinder Mahal match is scheduled for December 9th in India. That will mark the second night of the two-day tour that WWE has planned for the country next month. It’s unknown if by that time Jinder will have somehow invoked his rematch clause for the WWE Championship and won the title back from Styles. However, Triple H seems to be working a lot of shows lately, mostly to help out when bigger stars are either unable to participate or not available.

WWE the Game putting in work in ring lately
The Game will take on The Modern Day Maharaja in India during the WWE’s tour in early December. [Image by WWE]

“The Game” took part in a six-man tag match at one event, teaming up with his previous opponent Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose of The Shield when Roman Reigns was out. Triple H also competed against Rusev at another event and ended up dancing with New Day before hitting the Pedigree on Kofi Kingston. Now he’ll give Jinder Mahal a spotlight match against one of the major champions in the history of WWE. Will Jinder emerge victorious against “The Cerebral Assasin” though?

There had been previous reports that Jinder Mahal would face Kevin Owens in India. However, recent backstage news on Owens has involved his heat with creative and WWE officials. He and Sami Zayn were sent home from the WWE overseas tour in Europe early last week after going “off script” in a post-match angle involving The New Day. It’s unknown right now if Owens will still be participating in a match with Jinder.

Mahal had originally been slated to face Brock Lesnar at the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view. However, the script was changed up as AJ Styles defeated him for the major title just last week in England. That changed the PPV match to Styles vs. Lensar in a “Champion vs. Champion” battle which has seemed to sit better with fans. As of this report, there’s no scheduled match for Jinder Mahal on the event’s card.

While that particular move may have upset Jinder’s fans, one has to wonder how they’ll feel if Triple H ends up defeating him in India. It’s possible the match was booked to give Jinder a chance to shine against a major star in WWE history. Win or lose, it could make him look stronger where it counts. With that said, one has to wonder if Jinder Mahal is headed towards a big match at WrestleMania 34 next year as originally rumored, or if WWE has decided to end the Maharaja’s run for now.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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