Skid Row Co-Founder Explains Why The Chances For A Reunion With Sebastian Bach Are ‘Slim To None’

Sebastian Bach has long expressed his hopes for a reunion with his former Skid Row bandmates, but it sounds like a 20-year hatchet just can’t be buried. In a new interview with Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation radio show (via, Skid Row guitarist Dave “The Sake Sabo” said that while there was a back and forth dialog with Bach last year regarding a possible reunion, things shot down as the band’s old issues began to resurface.

“I think everybody was entertaining the idea,” Sabo said of a reunion of Skid Row’s classic early ’90s lineup.

“And I think, really, what it ended up being was we realized that whatever it was that tore us apart years ago still existed.”

Sabo also confirmed that while no tour dates ever booked, a lot of money was on the table.

“We got offered a lot of money,” Sabo said.

“And then with the dialogue that went back and forth, it got ugly again…I guess it was the personality conflicts that existed before, 20 years ago [that are still there].”

Sabo, Bach, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, and Rob Affuso were members of Skid Row during the band’s most prolific ear, recording hits such as “18 and Life,” “Youth Gone Wild” and “I Remember You.” But Bach was fired as lead singer of Skid Row in 1996 and replaced with Johnny Solinger. Solinger was later fired and replaced with Tony Harnell, and most recently, ZP Theart took on the role as frontman.

Sabo went on to say that while he doesn’t foresee a Sebastian Bach reunion in Skid Row’s future, he would never rule anything out in the crazy world of rock ‘n roll.

“I always never say never,” the Skid Row co-founder said.

“I guess that’s like my way of not committing to saying, ‘No, it will never happen.’ The chances of it happening, I mean, I would say they’re slim to none, but I never say never.”

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As for Skid Row’s past with Sebastian Bach, Sabo said, “We had nine or ten years of history together that were pretty phenomenal from a success standpoint. And we had a lot of good times — we did — but, unfortunately, the bad times outweighed the good times, and that’s why the band stopped in that form.”

Sebastian Bach had long been optimistic about a possible reunion with his ex- bandmates, once joking that he hoped to “put the hair band back together while we’ve got hair!”

But the always entertaining Bach last took to Twitter to admit that the only way a Skid Row reunion could happen is if the estranged bandmates were able to bury a 20-year hatchet between them.

‘The only way a SKID ROW reunion could happen is if we somehow tried [to] bury a 20-year hatchet between us,” Bach wrote. ” Would love the chance to do so #SitDown.” In a separate tweet, Sebastian admitted he said some not-so-nice things about his former bandmates and revealed he would like the chance to apologize for shooting his mouth off.

Sebastian Bach previously told Eddie Trunk that his manager, Rick Sales, was in talks with Skid Row’s manager, Doc McGhee, to try to negotiate a reunion of the band’s most famous lineup. But last fall Sebastian told Vanyaland management talks over a Skid Row reunion ended—and now we know why.

Take a look at the video below to see Sebastian Bach during his reign as Skid Row’s lead singer.

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