O.J. Simpson Claiming Innocence Yet Again, Promises “Nothing Happened” At The Cosmopolitan

O.J. Simpson is clearing his name for the umpteenth time. The former running back is speaking out over the alleged drunken incident at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas this past week. According to O.J., nothing happened that night in the bar and the media is blowing the story out of proportion.

The 70-year-old parolee is livid according to TMZ, over the false reports being spread throughout the media this week. A paparazzi caught up with O.J. in a parking garage leaving his lawyer’s office where he spilled his guts over the situation.

According to O.J., the Cosmopolitan claimed the stories about his belligerent behavior were untrue. In the interview, the Juice constantly references “that tabloid,” which alludes to TMZ’s coverage of the story. He goes on to slam the “legitimate media,” who he claimed paid no attention to what actually happened.

O.J. then showed compassion for his parole officers who had to meet with him, then meet with managers and employees at the hotel, only to find out nothing happened. He felt bad they had to waste their time on something that never happened.

He goes on to deny the behavior accused of him at the Clique bar that night, confessing he is nice to everyone he meets and takes pictures with anyone who asks.

O.J. became a little flustered when speaking about his banishment from the Cosmopolitan, but admitted if they don’t want him back there, he won’t go back. He claims he wasn’t banned because of a broken glass, or because he was rude and drunk. He calls all those allegations “completely made up.”

Simpson ended his rant by claiming anyone who works at the hotel would back up his story and would agree it was “completely bogus.” However, O.J. did not mention why he believed he was banned from the hotel, but he seemed to have an idea.

According to Radar Online, a source claims police have been watching O.J. non-stop since his release just waiting for him to screw up, and bring him right back to prison. The source also revealed O.J. is not allowed to drink, as a condition of his parole. If he, in fact, was drunk, the Juice could be heading back to prison once and for all.

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