‘Days Of Our Lives’ Ron Carlivati Breaks Down The Tragic Shooting And What It Means For Salemites

Days of our Lives head writer Ron Carlivati revealed his thoughts on the shooting incident involving JJ and Theo. Carlivati teased an exciting plotline for JJ which could affect everyone in Salem. The shooting incident caused quite a ruckus, and Salemites will have different opinions on this matter.

Shooting Incident

JJ’s party for Lani turns out to be a disaster. After receiving a call that someone broke into a warehouse, JJ asked the suspicious character to stop. In the ruckus, JJ fired a gun. To everyone’s surprise, the man turned out to be Theo.

Abe will be furious after receiving a call, and he will not be open to explanations. Meanwhile, JJ’s official status is on leave and Hope will inform him that there will be an investigation. Seeing his son struggle to stay alive will make Abe furious, and Days of our Lives spoilers tease he will continue to blame the DiMeras for this incident. Lani will try to make Abe see reason, and she knows JJ was just doing his job. Meanwhile, spoilers reveal JJ will go over the shooting in detail, and he will remember something important.

Carlivati On JJ’s Complex Situation

Carlivati revealed he wanted to tell a serious story which could pull in other characters in Days of our Lives. According to him, the latest twist in Days of our Lives will reveal who the audience truly cares about between the two characters. He also teased emotional scenes in the aftermath. The town will take sides after the incident, and he expects a lot of reaction from Days of our Lives fans.

JJ was not exactly wrong for shooting Theo. He had no idea it was Theo after all. Even if he made the shot without intending to harm Theo, the incident will be a big issue for Jennifer, Abe, and the entire police force.

Days of our Lives spoilers tease things will be complicated in the upcoming weeks. Lani will be in a difficult position since JJ just shot her brother. Hope also needs to deal with this issue after taking over her new position, and this could affect her relationship with Rafe. JJ’s career is also on the line.


Carlivati also revealed writing the Days of our Lives scene where JJ shot Theo was a big decision. This will also go on for weeks. According to him, this incident is the perfect example of a ripple effect. The shooting will affect a lot of relationships between people and families. Everyone will be affected by the issue albeit in different ways. The Days of our Lives head writer also revealed another purpose of JJ’s story as according to him, “soaps have the ability to touch your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, and also make you think.”

Next week on DOOL, spoilers reveal Marlena will do her best to get through to Will. Hope will also be upset with Rafe, and this might have something to do with the shooting incident. Adrienne and Justin will sleep with each other, Days of our Lives spoilers also hint a faceoff between Eve and Brady.

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