Actor Corey Feldman Says Abuse Of Children Connected To ‘Darker Power’ Inside And Outside Film Industry

Corey Feldman, who began his acting career as a young child, is speaking out about the abuse of children that he says is pervasive in the film industry and beyond. In fact, Feldman believes that the sexual harassment of children is connected to a “darker power” that exists both inside and outside the entertainment realm.

The actor spoke to Vanity Fair, saying he is trying to raise $10 million to make a major motion picture that exposes those in Hollywood who have been abusing children for years. He said his endeavor has become a dangerous one, as he needs to retain an attorney and hire armed security in order to protect himself from the powerful people who want to keep him quiet.

Feldman, who alleges he was one of the child actors abused by pedophiles in the industry, stated those in power have tried to hurt his career and have even gone so far as to try to murder him.

He told Vanity Fair that most people would probably “be dead” if they had experienced the abuse and the pain he has suffered through during his lifetime. Feldman admitted attempting suicide several times as a child, often praying that someone would kill him. At times he wondered why God had kept him alive, but today, he believes he knows why – his purpose is to speak the truth about those he claims abused him and other children in the entertainment industry.


Feldman told Vanity Fair the following about the sexual abuse of children he believes is rampant in Hollywood.

“It’s all connected to a bigger, darker power… I don’t know how high up the chain that power goes, but I know that it probably is outside of the film industry too. It’s probably in government; it’s probably throughout the world in different dark aspects.”

The Goonies actor expressed his fears in a TwitLonger post this week, noting that one of the six powerful men he plans to expose has threatened those he victimized with “death,” according to Newsweek.

Feldman writes that the man is a “coveted… A lister” who has a “history of violent behavior.” He notes that not only does he fear for his own life, but he is concerned about the safety of his wife and child as well. Feldman says in his post that this is not their fight and “they deserve mercy.”


According to Newsweek, although there’s been a recent wave of accusations of sexual harassment and abuse against powerful men in Hollywood, Feldman, 46, came forward with claims of abuse in his 2013 autobiography.

Just last week, on two different daytime talk shows, Feldman publicly named two men he claimed abused him. Feldman said actor Jon Grissom was one of his abusers during an appearance on the November 2 episode of The Dr. Oz Show. Grissom worked on the 1980s films License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream with the child star.

Dr. Oz indicated that his show’s legal counsel discovered that in 2003, Grissom was found guilty of child molestation and served time behind bars for the crime. In addition, Dr. Oz Show attorneys found that Grissom is currently a fugitive because he failed to register as a sex offender, Newsweek reports.

According to Newsweek, another interview with Feldman is slated to air on the Dr. Oz Show Monday, November 13.

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