Duggar Family News: Son-In-Law Derick Dillard Seeks Money Again For Education

After two previous failed attempts, Derick Dillard launched a fundraiser on Friday seeking donations for his ministry education. Responses to the Duggar family son-in-law’s announcement have been mostly critical.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard returned from Central America earlier this year for the birth of their second child, Samuel. They attended Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding, and later stayed put in Arkansas where the Duggar family lives. The couple announced they would not be returning to Central America anytime soon. Instead, they would pursue ministry opportunities in the U.S. They then began their association with Cross Church School of Ministry, where Derick is enrolled for a one-year program. After two previous attempts at raising money, Derick took to gofundme. This time he is seeking $10,000, up from $6,500 he sought last time.

“I started a fundraiser on gofundme to raise the funding I need for various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year. I have a donations goal of $10,000. This will enable me to fulfill my specific calling to ministry this year, including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad,” Derick said on the fundraiser page.

If Twitter responses are any indication, reactions to the Duggar son-in-law’s announcement seeking money have not been encouraging.

“Your wife makes a lot of money from TLC. It is ridiculous to expect people to fund your irresponsible choices. You have two kids. Get a new job & pay your own way or use you TLC salary,” another response to Derick’s tweet reads.

Derick Dillard’s fundraiser has so far managed to raise $2,694, within the first hour after going live, from an anonymous donor who made the donation offline. His last two attempts on Pure Charity were pulled down before he could raise a substantial amount, but drew flak from Duggar family fans and critics.


“Oh gosh, @derickmdillard, why are you doing this again? You know this is fuel to the fire, right? Please find another way. Spare yourself the grief,” a tweet in response to Derick’s Friday announcement suggests.

Jill Duggar and Derick have been in the line of fire ever since the latter publicly stated his views on transgender people by referring to Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who also has a show on TLC, as male and not female. On Thursday, Derick was involved in a Twitter exchange about Jazz, which saw a flurry of responses, most being critical of his views.

TLC has distanced itself from Derick’s views. Rumor has it the Dillards are being shunned from Counting On. Though no official statement has been made by the network, Duggar family’s social media activity, or rather the absence of content pertaining to Jill and Derick after Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s wedding in September, is being seen as a sign.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]