'Justice League' To Feature Sexual Tension Between Wonder Woman And Batman

The premiere of Justice League is just a week away, and more information about the plot is being revealed. In a new interview, Ben Affleck reveals reshoots for the movie included adding some sexual tension between Batman and Wonder Woman.

Affleck spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding the changes director Joss Whedon made after Zack Snyder took time off from production. Snyder had to step away from Justice League after a family tragedy, and the notorious Avengers director stepped in to finish filming, and handle the reshoots. It was rumored Whedon was just going to wrap Justice League, but recent interviews revealed the Age of Ultron director made the film a little lighter, and the characters more relatable.

According to Affleck, Whedon's reshoots allowed Bruce Wayne's relationships to become more developed, most notably the sexual tension with Diana Prince. Batman will also have an enjoyable back and forth with the Flash (Ezra Miller). When asked about Batman's relationship with Aquaman, Affleck joked, "You can't be around Jason Momoa and not have sexual tension."

Comicbook notes Wonder Woman and Batman have had a few instances of flirtation in the comics. The two never become a couple, but the duo does consider a relationship in the JLA storyline. Bruce and Diana share a kiss, but ultimately decide against a relationship as they don't want it to affect their friendship.

Diana's main love interest in the Wonder Woman comics is Steve Trevor, as portrayed by Chris Pine in this year's film. Despite Steve dying in the film's final act, some fans are still holding out hope that her great love will return to Wonder Woman 2. The Princess of Themyscira and Aquaman have also some minor romantic time together in the comics, but it never amounted to anything.

Batman's love interest changes routinely in the comics, revolving around Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul, and Vicki Vale. A romance for Affleck's Batman will likely appear in a solo film, and not the Justice League franchise.

Fans need not worry, as a relationship between the Bat and Diana is not rumored to happen, but they should expect some awkward flirtatious scenes.

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Justice League premieres on November 17.

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