Jenny McCarthy Publicly Alleges Again That Steven Seagal Sexually Harassed, Threatened Her At Movie Audition

Actress Jenny McCarthy is again sharing her story of an uncomfortable audition with actor Steven Seagal, who she claims sexually harassed her and threatened her when she would not comply with his requests.

On Thursday, McCarthy spoke out on her SiriusXM radio show about the incident with Seagal that she asserts took place when she auditioned for his movie Under Siege 2 in 1995. According to Deadline, McCarthy initially told her story in 1998, three years after the harassment allegedly took place.

The former Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 1993 said she purposely dressed in a loose-fitting outfit so the casting people would place their attention on her work and her face as she auditioned. McCarthy said she and Seagal were the only two people in the casting room so she stood across from him, Deadline reports.

According to McCarthy, Seagal sat down on a sofa near a fireplace and motioned for her to sit next to him, telling her to “relax.” She stated that she declined his request by saying, “No, thank you!” She also told Seagal that she was “really excited” to read for the part, and that her energy level was high, so she needed to remain standing.

Deadline reports that McCarthy then said Seagal began to speak about combat missions he’d experienced, somehow transitioning into saying, “You know, this part has nudity in it.” He told her he couldn’t tell what her body looked like in the dress she had on, which sounded “alarms” in her head.

She noted that she was not going to be discouraged by this ploy and told Seagal her agent had informed her that there was no nudity involved with the part, reports Deadline. Seagal responded by saying, “There is off-camera nudity” and asked her to take off her dress, according to McCarthy’s claim.


McCarthy said Seagal then asked to see her breasts, causing her to break down in tears. She noted that she yelled at the actor as she left, saying, “Go buy my Playboy video – it’s on sale for $19.99.” According to Deadline, McCarthy asserts that Seagal was not pleased with her response and followed her to her car. There he allegedly told McCarthy she had better keep quiet about what took place at the audition “or else.”

Seagal’s spokesperson has denied McCarthy’s claims to at least one media outlet, Deadline reports.

The Los Angeles Times writes that McCarthy’s story comes in the wake of recent accusations against Seagal by other women. Actress Portia de Rossi recently tweeted that Seagal unzipped his pants while in an audition, and actress Julianna Marguiles claimed, according to Variety, that the actor met with her and made sure she knew he was armed with a gun.


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