Mariah Carey Hands Over Reins To ‘Boy Toy’ Who Is Now ‘Running’ and ‘Ruining’ Her Life In Latest Report

Maybe Mariah Carey doesn’t see it or maybe she does but just doesn’t care, suggest the folks offering up the latest report on Carey’s alleged new lifestyle. People are talking today about how her much-younger beau has taken over as manager of her life and they see this as going nowhere. According to one latest report, they are calling Carey’s lifestyle change another “full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation.”

Carey is dating her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, but this has raised some concerns about the future of this arrangement once Carey reportedly handed the keys to her kingdom over to the 34-year-old. After parting ways with her full-time manager recently, her young beau has allegedly stepped in to do that job with a nice weekly salary, according to reports from Page Six.

Stella Bulochnikov, who was Carey’s manager, was “pushed out” by Tanaka, who has picked up where Bulochnikov left off and then some, which is what sources have told Page Six. The source claims that Tanaka is “no Tommy Mottola.” Mottola is the music mogul who is Carey’s ex-husband and also the man who was Carey’s navigator along the road that brought her to the iconic star that she is today. According to Hollywood Life, Tanaka is being accused of “ruining” Carey’s life.

The term “boy toy” is being used for the 34-year-old Tanaka, but Mariah is 47-years-old. While there is a 13-year difference in age, it is not as if Carey is dating someone in the 18-20 age bracket. They are both adults, and while Tanaka is moving into the middle-age bracket and Carey is just about moving out, they are both adults and have been for some time now.

The source who spoke with Page Six elaborated even more about the financial arrangement that Carey allegedly has with Tanaka. Carey is reportedly paying her boyfriend a nice salary that is said to be up to $12,000 a week for “the privilege of having him run her life.” It is also reported that her musical director and lawyer have been discharged by Carey, with Tanaka allegedly behind their exit as well. The source reported that Mariah just doesn’t see this because she is so enamored by Tanaka.

The seemingly concerned source said, “Mariah is in love with Bryan and is like a schoolgirl around him. He has totally manipulated the situation to take over her life and push out everyone else, and Mariah just can’t see it.”

While the rumor of Tanaka taking over is up and running, a spokesperson for Carey, Nicole Perna, has denied the reports that Tanaka is now managing the singer. At the same time, Perna declined to tell Page Six just who has stepped in to manage Carey’s career.

While all this is churning in the rumor mill, Carey is getting ready for the holidays where she will share her voice on tour starting next week. Her very popular “All I Want For Christmas Is You” debuts this year on November 17 in Ontario, Canada.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]