Blake Shelton Jokes About The Sexy Song He Wrote About Adam Levine, Not Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton jokes about Adam Levine inspired song

Blake Shelton is opening up about a very sexy song he co-wrote for his new album, Texoma Shore, and joking that it was actually inspired by his fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine rather than his girlfriend of two years, Gwen Stefani.

Blake spoke out about the track “Turnin’ Me On” in a video posted to his official Instagram account on November 9, where he joked that the song thought to be inspired by the “Used To Love You” singer was actually written with Adam in mind.

Revealing what inspired him to co-write the track with songwriters Jessi Alexander and Josh Osborne, Shelton pretended that he was actually inspired by Levine getting turned on by his own reflection.

“You know, I’ve got things that turn me on,” Blake explained in the clip. “And I know, my friends, some of the things that turn them on.”

“Speaking of that, I know Adam Levine, nothing turns him on and gets him more excited than a mirror,” the country star then joked of the true inspiration behind the song being his long-time The Voice co-coach.

Shelton then jokingly captioned the video uploaded to his social media account this week by teasing that he was “pretty sure ‘Turnin’ Me On’ was inspired by [Adam’s] love for himself…”

Pretty sure “Turnin’ Me On” was inspired by @adamlevine’s love for himself…

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Of course, the “I’ll Name The Dog’s” singer was only joking when teasing that Levine inspired the song on Texoma Shore, as fans have been speculating since the track was released last month that it’s most definitely all about his love for Gwen.

Though Shelton avoided getting serious when it came to revealing what really inspired him to co-write “Turnin’ Me On” in the video posted to his Instagram account, the musical number actually features what appears to be a very telling reference to his girlfriend.

Entertainment Tonight noted that it includes one particularly obvious line in the lyrics as a reference to Gwen’s longstanding gig as an ambassador for Revlon cosmetics as well as her signature red lipstick.

“Knows how to set me on fire, she’s always holdin’ the match. And when my body’s beside hers, there ain’t no turnin’ back,” he sings. “She’s Revlon red in the blackest night, lighting up the room in the world just like she’s turnin’ me on.”

But while Blake wasn’t willing to shed any more light on the true inspiration behind the album track, his recent joke came shortly after Adam admitted that seeing Shelton and Stefani looking all loved-up isn’t actually much of a treat for him.

The Maroon 5 singer recently joked during an appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show in October that he thinks their constant PDA is actually pretty “disgusting.”

“I still tell [Blake], ‘I can’t believe you get to be with Gwen Stefani’… It’s just not f**king right!” Levine said of how he still teased his fellow The Voice coach about his romance with the former No Doubt singer, two years after the two confirmed they were dating.

“They’re so in love it’s disgusting,” he continued, joking that their PDA makes him want to “vomit.”

Blake Shelton jokes about Adam Levine inspired new song 'Turnin' Me On'

Blake and Adam are currently caught up in a head-to-head album battle after both dropped their new albums on November 3. The twosome recently joked that they even made a bet to see who can sell the most copies of their releases in the first week.

What do you think of Blake Shelton jokingly confessing that he wrote “Turnin’ Me On” about Adam Levine’s love for mirrors rather than his own love for girlfriend Gwen Stefani?

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