‘GTA Online’ Tips: Become A CEO — Here’s How To Earn More Money

GTA Online has become a huge success now, and developer Rockstar is continuously improving the game. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of this Grand Theft Auto installment.

One way to make more money and build an empire in GTA Online is by becoming a CEO of a criminal organization. According to Metro, by becoming a CEO, the player can buy and sell offices and warehouses, as well as hire associates to run their missions. That does not come cheap, but it will reap a lot of money in time.

To become a CEO and create your own organization, you need about $1 million to $6 million to buy an office. Players can purchase an office through the Dynasty 8 Executive website on their character’s mobile phone. It will include a computer that the CEO will use to buy missions, as well as manage his warehouses. Warehouses will be used to store the cargo crates, which will generate large sums of income when sold. A CEO can have up to five warehouses.

If you have not enough money yet to become a CEO, being an associate to the CEO is a good stepping stone. Players can gain a lot of money by becoming an associate, which they can save up and later use to register as a CEO. Associates also gain increased health regen cap and loyalty bonuses for wages after completing cargo missions.

However, if you are just starting out with GTA Online, leave the CEO for later, as well as becoming a leader of a biker gang. These are costly, so you should start building up your cash first. According to Kotaku, one of the ways to earn cash is by doing contact missions. Players on contact mission are separated in the free roam session so they just focus on the objective. Inviting a friend who is at a higher level and setting the mission to hard can earn you more cash and RP. Also, play some adversary modes, such as the recently released Dogfight that offers double GTA$, and wait for sales before buying anything on the stores so you can save cash.

[Featured Image by Cate Gillon/Getty Images]