Jimmy Kimmel Video Gets 230,000 Views, Fools Trump Fans Into Praising ‘TrumpCare,’ Which Is Really ‘ObamaCare’

The video titled “Jimmy Kimmel Wants You to Sign Up for TrumpCare” has gained more than 230,000 views and more than 2,000 thumbs-up ratings on YouTube alone in less than 48 hours. As seen in the below video from the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel, Jimmy jokes about being wrong about TrumpCare. Kimmel displayed tweets and Facebook comments that he has received from fans of President Donald Trump, with some folks writing that they never thought they’d see the day that Jimmy would give President Trump credit for anything.

However, plenty of people are in on the joke, while others aren’t in on Kimmel’s joke. Although the description of Jimmy’s video about TrumpCare claims that the Washington Post noted that “the first week of TrumpCare has been a huge success and a record number of people have signed up so far,” that description isn’t true. Nor is it true that more than “a million people checked out TrumpCare on the first day of enrollment alone!” Kimmel has duped those that don’t verify what they read online, as Jimmy urged people to share the video with their friends.

TrumpCare is really ObamaCare, but certain folks who watched the Wednesday episode of Kimmel’s show still don’t realize that Jimmy was trolling Trump fans.

As reported by Time, Jimmy created a fake ad, showing a smiling President Trump and urging people to sign up for TrumpCare at Healthcare.gov. However, folks who visit the government website would actually find themselves signing up for ObamaCare. Simply by changing the name of the healthcare plan and by making a fake ad, Kimmel confused a lot of people who did not understand his sarcasm.

Kimmel read aloud the variety of tweets and Facebook posts from those people who assumed that Kimmel was finally admitting something that Trump did right. With talk about how bad Trump’s proposed healthcare changes would be, certain Trump supporters fell for the ruse and assumed that that Jimmy was praising the plan. Reading a post about “stupid liberals” who could have supported TrumpCare from the beginning instead of giving ridiculous speeches, Kimmel has exposed people who don’t realize that TrumpCare is not a plan that actually exists.

Instead, 2018 coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which is the so-called ObamaCare, is what still exists. On Twitter, some folks whose ignorant tweets Jimmy has retweeted have been deleted, along with their Twitter accounts.


[Featured Image by Thomas Peter/Getty Images]