‘The Exorcist’ Season Two: Will Andy Be Possessed By Nicole’s Demon On Tonight’s Show?

If you haven’t been following Season Two of the hit Fox TV show The Exorcist you need to get on board quickly. For latecomers to The Exorcist, the first season of the show was built around the 1973 movie of the same name. Two exorcists, Father Tomas Ortega, played by Alfonso Herrera, and Father Marcus Keane, played by Ben Daniels, exorcise a demon from a girl named Casey Rance. It turns out that Casey’s mother is none other than Regan MacNeil, the girl who was demonically possessed in the original movie version of The Exorcist.

The first season of The Exorcist saw Father’s Marcus and Tomas succeed in exorcising Casey’s demon. In doing so they also uncover a plot to assassinate the pope. Marcus manages to save the pope but became a target for a group of powerful people who are possessed by demons. Their ultimate aim is to usher in an era of world domination by the devil and all his demons.

Season Two of The Exorcist sees Marcus and Tomas on the run, pursued by the forces of evil, but performing exorcisms across the country. As reported by Showbiz Junkies, episode five of The Exorcist saw Marcus and Tomas arrive on an island inhabited by Andy Kim. Andy runs a home for children in foster care. The house is full of children with trauma in their past, and Andy has problems of his own.

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Throughout the second season of The Exorcist Andy has been increasing haunted by his dead wife and daughter, Nicole and Grace. Last weeks show revealed Grace’s ghost to be a demon. The show ended with Andy trashing Grace’s room. When Grace reveals herself, hidden under her “brave pillowcase” she is taller than a child, and when she removes the pillowcase from her face, Andy is faced with his dead wife.

As reported in Fansided, Season 2, Episode 6 of The Exorcist airs tonight. It’s already clear that the demons are after Andy. What has not been made clear yet is exactly why that might be. What is clear is that the demonic conspiracy has Marcus in its sights. They see the possession of an exorcist as an extraordinary coup, and as a excommunicated priest, Marcus is their target. Are the demons trying to use Andy to get to Marcus?

Andy is clearly unbalanced by the spooky events that are surrounding his home. Lambs are being born deformed, hundred’s of crows are dropping out of the sky dead, and one of Andy’s foster children has noticed a strange presence in the woods. Tune into tonight’s episode of The Exorcist to find out how the producers merge all of these disparate storylines.

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