‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Spends Night Out With Friends, Fans Inspired By TV Star’s ‘Second Act’

Amy Roloff continues to live her life as she looks for more and more ways to celebrate her “second act.” The Little People, Big World matriarch recently went on another night out to enjoy good music and great company.

Amy and her good friends went to a jam-packed Midway Firehouse Pizza in Hillsboro on Thursday night. The group of at least five friends, including Amy, had a few bottles of beer, some wine, and had a pan of pizza as they listened to the music of Dan and Bryan.

Amy and her friends seemed to be having a good time, as some of the reality TV star’s followers observed in the photo she shared on social media. Many of her followers noted how amazing Amy looked that night, especially with her lovely jacket and gorgeous smile.

Interestingly, Chris Marek was nowhere in sight. One fan asked Amy if Chris wasn’t there with the group that night or if he was the one who took the photo.

A number of her followers were thrilled for Amy as she goes through this new phase of her life. A fan who goes by bchicaart told Amy that her second act is so real and that she was such an inspiration. Another encouraged Amy to “keep adding new acts” while a certain onpoint_dream told “Gorgeous Amy” that she loves her second act.


Another follower, who calls herself bayoukate, agreed that going out with friends is a great way for Amy to spend her Thursday night but added that there were a couple of other things that Amy surely enjoys most. “There’s nothing much better than good friends and great music,” the fan said. “Except for your two beautiful grandchildren,” she added.

Bayoukate also shared her excitement for Amy and her second act. “It looks like you’re having fun,” she said. “The feeling of happy looks amazing on you! I’m excited for you and so happy that you have a second act!”

Another fan shared how she spent her Thursday night. Like Amy, letty206 of South Texas likes her soup. She told Amy that she was having soup night because of the cold weather in her area. Since Amy is big on soup, she gamely replied to her follower. Amy asked her what soup she made and the fan replied that she had “menudo,” a traditional Mexican soup. This kind of menudo is different from the traditional stew that is popular in the Philippines.

Despite all the positivity of the photo, some fans can’t help but find fault in Amy, her family and the show. One lannfalzone said that she’s Amy’s biggest fan before lambasting her son, Jacob. The fan said she didn’t like what Jacob did with regards to Little People, Big World. She also told Amy that she wished Jacob and his girlfriend, Isabela Rock, will not be featured in the show.

While there was one other follower who told lannfalzone off, the rest focused on the good. A number of her Facebook fans were all for Amy finally allowing herself to have some fun after taking care of her children and going through a nasty divorce.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]