Who Is Louis C.K’s Ex Wife Alix Bailey, His Net Worth And Current Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Louis C.K. and ex wife Alix Bailey got married in 1995 but divorced in 2008. A painter and actress, she has largely kept away from the limelight, but was apparently instrumental in helping him advance in the art of film-making by starring in a couple of his initially little-known short-film projects.

This was before he made a breakthrough in the stand-up comedy genre. She also forms a significant part of his stand-up comedy material, as he references their relationship to outline humorous but sometimes negative aspects of marriage. They both share joint custody of their two daughters. On her relationships, there is little public info available, detailing her present or previous links.

His Net Worth

Louis C.K. has a net worth of about $52 million, according to Forbes. Much of it can be attributed to earnings from his career as a comedian. Netflix is cited as one of the greatest contributors. He recently signed numerous lucrative deals with the online video streaming platform. Hard figures are hard to come by, but Netflix has been known to shell out big bucks for stand-up specials.

Chris Rock was, for example, paid $40 million for two comedy specials, according to Variety. Louis’ road to success in his field has however not been easy. In his initial years, he apparently failed so badly that he quit the art for two years back in 1985. His first comedy album was released in 2001 and was titled Live in Houston.


Current Allegations

Louis C.K. is currently facing some serious sexual misconduct allegations from five women, including Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov. According to their revelation, he on one occasion asked to show his penis while they were at a meeting, and proceeded to remove his clothes and indulge in autoeroticism, the New York Times reports. In another instance, he allegedly asked comedian Rebecca Corry if he could “touch himself” in front of her.

It is, however, important to note that the allegations are still unsubstantiated. According to his publicist Lewis Kay, the actor is not going to be answering any questions regarding the claims any time soon. The premiere of his film I Love You Daddy has apparently been cancelled as a result of the claims.

[Featured Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]