Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann Kept The Dog Who Attacked Their Son: Why Didn’t They Get Rid Of It?

Last week on a new episode of Don’t Be Tardy the viewers saw the preview for this week when Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s son Kash gets attacked by a dog. When this went down, they didn’t share a lot of details besides that he was attacked and rushed to the hospital. Kash also had to have surgery. Now, People is sharing why Kim and Kroy decided to keep the dog that attacked their young son.

Sinn actually bit Kash and almost caused him to become blind, but he luckily looks great after the surgery. Kim explained that it was all like a “bad dream” to her. She went on to say that their dog Sinn is very trained and he also happens to love Kash. They were playing outside when it all happened. Kroy was using a leaf blower and it was just a normal day until their son was attacked.

Kroy explained the details saying that Sinn doesn’t like the leaf blower. A lot of dogs don’t like things like that or are afraid of the vacuum, so that part isn’t surprising at all. He explained that he had his back to the boys when he heard Kash being loud and then the dogs barking. After that, he heard Kash screaming, rushed over and realized that he was bleeding. Kroy new it was an emergency. Their dog Sinn had bitten him.

When this all happened, Kim did share on her social networks all about how her son was attacked and asked for prayers. A lot of people assumed that it was someone else’s dog and not their own, but that information is just now coming out from Kim and Kroy.

Sinn’s trainer did come to the house and take the dog while the family took Kash to the hospital. They made the hard decision to keep him, which surprises a lot of people. The dog is a husky and boxer mix that they rescued three years before this happened. Kroy admits at first he wanted to get rid of him, but then he changed his mind. Kim shared that Kash saw a service dog at the hospital and wasn’t even afraid of it. He was petting it and even asking about seeing Sinn while he was at the hospital. They did watch the security cameras and Kim explained it.

“That was a turning point for me. It was not an attack — he nipped at Kash’s face in an attempt to communicate with Kash. Not that that is an excuse. But he took off running. It wasn’t as if he was attacking. Sinn knew he had done wrong.”

They kept Sinn away from the home for eight weeks and then welcomed him back. Kash even just got a puppy for his birthday and he loves dogs still. They said that they always put their children first and if Kash had said he never wanted to see the dog again then they wouldn’t have brought him around him again. Kroy went on to explain.

“Sinn had a lot of freedom before. He would sleep in the crate at night, but during the day he would roam around the house or we’d let him outside. Nobody really watched him. Now his crate is locked with a key that only Kim and I have the keys to. He’s supervised all the time when he’s out. And the only time he runs around free is in the fenced-in dog run we built for him the backyard, which gives him about 400 sq. ft. of grassed space.”

Are you shocked to hear that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann decided to keep the dog that attacked their son? Do you feel like this was the right decision? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Don’t Be Tardy when they air on Friday nights on Bravo.

[Featured Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]