NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins Reveals Plan In 2018 Free Agency, Will He Leave Redskins?

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is expected to be one of the most coveted superstars in the 2018 NFL free agency. Most people see him joining another team if the Redskins won’t give a long-term contract. Will Cousins leave Washington next spring?

Kirk Cousins remains as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. His impressive performance every game is undeniably one of the major reasons behind the Washington Redskins’ success in the 2017 NFL season. Unfortunately, as of now, the Redskins are still unable to see his real value.

Before the trade deadline, most rumors predicted the San Francisco 49ers trading for Kirk Cousins. However, they ended up acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots for a second-round pick. Instead of increasing Cousins’ odds of staying in Washington, John Keim of ESPN believes the Garoppolo-to-49ers trade opens up the market for the quarterback, especially if the Redskins won’t tag him again.

Once the 2018 NFL free agency starts, several teams, who are in dire need of a quarterback, are expected to make a seductive offer for Cousins. These include the Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets. Though the 2017 NFL season is far from over, Kirk Cousins may have already come up with a decision for the upcoming offseason.

Kirk Cousins staying in Washington Redskins
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According to Rich Tandler of NBC Sports Washington, Cousins’ recent statements could be a major hint that he’ll choose to re-sign with the Redskins in the 2018 NFL free agency. After their 17-14 win over the Seattle Seahawks, Cousins said how satisfied he was with the Redskins as a “whole organization.”

“The resiliency and the grit of this team is a reflection of the whole organization and it’s the kind of thing you can build on and do something with, not just in one season or one part of the season but hopefully for years to come.”

Another intriguing statement came up when he had his weekly meeting with the media at Redskins Park. Kirk Cousins talked about his progress working with second-year wide receiver Josh Doctson.

“I told him after we scored, ‘Let’s make sure this isn’t a one-and-done thing. Let’s make sure this is a repeatable thing and something that people expect to have happen not just next week, not just this season, but hopefully for seasons to come.’ That’s where the vision needs to be and then we have got to work in a way where that can become a reality.”

The two statements are good indicators that Cousins will stay with the Redskins. However, since Washington used the franchise tag on him last offseason, they can’t negotiate a new contract until the 2017 NFL season ends. Also, if the Redskins won’t give Cousins demands, there is a higher possibility that he will entertain offers from other teams.

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