Harry Styles Misses Flight To See Taylor Swift, Forgot Passport

Harry Styles of One Direction missed his flight to see his gal-pal, country singer Taylor Swift. If only he had remembered to grab his passport. You know, that thing you need if you want to get into another country.

Britain’s Sunday People reported that Styles missed his London Heathrow flight to meet up with Swift after realizing that he had left his passport at home, 180 miles away. Even more embarrassing, the 18-year-old was driven to the airport by his mother after spending the holidays with family, and realized at the terminal desk that he’d left the passport in Cheshire.

“He wanted to fly out that day so rather than Anne drive the journey back up north, he decided to get a courier bike to pick it up and bring it to him,” a source said. “If she had driven to get it, Harry would have missed the next flight too.”

Styles was planning on spending a few days with Swift before her Madison Square Garden performance on New Year’s Eve, reports New York Daily News.

There is one reason to like Harry Styles in this story, even if you’re not a fan of One Direction: The guy handled the passport flub with genuine humor and self-deprecation.

“He managed to get on the evening flight but it still meant that he had to wait another eight hours for his post-Christmas reunion with Taylor,” the source said. “Despite this, he took the whole event in good humor and ridiculed himself for it.”

Remember: The only way to prevent public ridicule is to beat them to the punch.