Jessa Duggar Grows Net Worth Using Family, Baby, & Husband Ben Seewald Amid ‘Counting On’ Cancellation Rumors

Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald and baby Spurgeon

Despite the fact that Counting On cancellation rumors are making the rounds, Jessa Duggar is still trying to connect with her fans on Instagram. She posts about her baby boys and husband the most out of all the married Duggars and gives her fans an intimate look at her family dynamics. Knowing that Jessa has 2 million people following her, she has the potential to grow her net worth via Instagram.

The 25-year-old mother of two frequently posts about her life with her kids and husband, not just in photos, but also in long captions that work like a mini blog. She documents not just the cute moment from her two sons’ lives, but she also shows pictures of piles of diapers and crying kids. Additionally, Jessa writes about how tiring parenting and housekeeping can be.

She also has been interactive with her fans. When she was criticized for various cleaning or mothering techniques, she responded by making a new post on Instagram. Instead of making excuses and getting defensive, she used the opportunity to give context and to point out that nobody makes for a perfect parent.

Backstory on my previous post: As I was making out my housecleaning to-do list the other day, this thought struck me… we all try to put our best foot forward and are most comfortable posting our "highlight reel" for people on social media to see. I could've waited 24 hrs and posted pics of everything freshly cleaned and looking beautiful (the stovetop is sparkling, dust bunnies have been removed, laundry is folded, bed sheets are washed, etc). Certainly people would find no fault with that… but many may find fault with themselves. I didn't do that for a reason. Reality. Sometimes you find yourself with an 8-month-old who isn't sleeping through the night, and you don't care that your bed has spit up on it–you're tired. Throw a towel down on it and sleep! Sometimes you don't want to wash the dishes right after supper because your husband is finally home from work, and there's only one golden hour of family time before babies are tucked into bed and hubby has to start in on his college homework… and so you put off dishes until then. Sometimes the dust collects on the side table in the spare room, and you don't even notice it until you're preparing for guests to stay over. Oh, and the diapers. ???? Our diaper pail is currently outta commission, and I'm awaiting a replacement. Yeah, they were stinky, but I had them bagged up and out of the house before the pic of them was even posted. I said it before, and I'll say it again: "I am not trying to pit a clean house against interaction with kids." I believe in, and value, both. I really should've split that post into two, because it is not an either/or, but both/and. ——— Here was my thought process on the second half of what I wrote. "I know it only takes a few minutes here and there to wipe a mirror or dust a nightstand, and I am making these things priority today. I'm also going to deep clean the bathroom, re-sweep the entire house, pick up the living room, and clean out the fridge. Nothing is going to stop me from accomplishing my to-do list!" Naptime zips by, and then I hear a little voice saying "Mommy, I hold you!" *Instagram, I need more space to finish my thought!*???? Swipe left to read more

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Her husband, Ben Seewald, has also been a regular star on her Instagram. Since Jessa is the one with the phone, Ben is featured wrangling her kids and being an enthusiastic playmate for his two baby sons, Spurgeon and Henry. While Jessa has mentioned in the past that they have trouble continuing their PDA because they each have to hold a baby, from her Instagram posts, it looks like they have more respect and appreciation for each other.

Her openness has made her the most followed Duggar on any social media platform. She has more fans than her sisters Jill and Jinger Duggar, and she also has more followers than the official Duggar Family Facebook page that her parents run.

If she chooses in this direction, Jessa and Ben Seewald can utilize their fan base to grow their net worth. Right now, their family’s reality TV show, Counting On, has fallen in the ratings, and there are rumors of it getting canceled.

When Season 6 of Counting On ended with Joe and Kendra’s wedding, TLC did not give any signs that there will be another season. There have been no teaser trailers for the next season, nor has been any official announcement about whether fans will get to see Joy and Austin, who got married in this past season, settling into their married lives.

Do you think there is a possibility of Jessa reaching out to harness her own fanbase? Let us know in the comments below.

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