Say Goodbye To The Redhead As She Is: Pirates Of The Caribbean Closing For 3-Week Refurbishment In Early 2018

To some people, it may not even matter, but it’s going to be quite a huge deal for others when the Redhead scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is removed. It was first announced this summer that Disney Parks would have their poplar pirates attraction undergo a major change in 2018 as the iconic scene will be completely altered. Now, dates are known for the ride’s refurbishment next year, and that appears to be when changes are coming.

When the Disney Parks Blog revealed that the scene showcasing an auction of women would be changed in Pirates of the Caribbean, it was met with both acceptance and rage. Many were fine with the change and thought a more politically correct scene was called for in this day and age.

Others despised the idea and started petitions that garnered dozens of thousands of signatures all hoping to keep the ride as it is. Well, those petitions did no good, and it has now been confirmed that the refurbishment of the Magic Kingdom attraction is quickly approaching.

According to the operating hours for Pirates of the Caribbean in Walt Disney World, it will be closed starting on February 26, 2018. It will remain closed for refurbishment through March 18, 2018, with a tentative reopening date of March 19.

It is expected that this will be the time when the Redhead scene is changed, according to WDW Magic.

Disney had previously stated that the change would be coming to the rides at Disney Parks sometime in 2018, but no exact date was given. Now, it seems as if the time is known for Walt Disney World, but there’s still no timeframe for Disneyland’s new version of the ride.

Disneyland Paris already has the new auction scene in their version of the attraction, and it has received a good response.

Now, instead of the pirates looking for a new bride in the auction scene, they will be going after goods taken from the townspeople. The Redhead will still remain in the scene, but she will now be a pirate leading the auction of stolen goods. Pirates of the Caribbean is going to change, and no petition will help change Disney’s mind about it. However, fans at least know when the alterations are coming in 2018.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]