‘My 600-lb Life’ Amber Update: Amber Gets Even Prettier Despite Revealing That She Hasn’t Had Skin Surgery Yet

Very few patients featured in My 600-lb Life can hold a candle to Amber Rachdi. Weighing in at 657 pounds when she was first featured on the hit reality TV show, the resilient young woman has since shed more than 400 pounds over the past few years. Inasmuch as her weight-loss journey has been pretty much unbelievable, however, it seems like Amber is not done with her transformation just yet.

Amber has always been one of the most likable patients featured in the TLC series, particularly since she was honest with herself and incredibly serious about getting treatment for her morbid obesity. Overall, her attitude helped a lot in ushering her transformation, which has become quite iconic among the reality TV show’s massive fanbase.

See, when Amber lost her excess weight, she did not just look like she shed some pounds. She looked like she had a complete makeover. Dyeing her hair blonde and playing around with makeup, the former 600-pounder looked nothing like her overweight self. One particular picture, taken during her brother’s wedding, was so well received in social media that many My 600-lb Life fans stated that she could easily be a model now.

As revealed in Amber’s public Facebook profile recently, however, her transformation, as remarkable as it has been, is actually not over yet. In a recent conversation with one of her social media followers, Amber revealed that she had not undergone any skin surgery to date. According to Amber, she is still living with excess skin from her weight loss.

In a lot of ways, Amber’s recent revelation actually makes her weight-loss journey and subsequent transformation even more remarkable. After all, if Amber, without undergoing skin removal surgery, could look as good as she does now, it is not difficult to imagine just how stunning she would be with all her excess skin taken off.

While it remains unknown if Amber would appear in a future episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now, the reality TV star has managed to gain a pretty strong presence in social media. So far, both her Instagram and Facebook pages have tens of thousands of followers, with the former having more than 66,000 followers and the latter having more than 37,000.

Considering Amber’s influence and popularity with the My 600-lb Life community, however, there is a pretty good chance that the now-stunning young lady will make another appearance on a follow-up episode of TLC’s hit reality TV show soon enough.

[Featured Image by Amber Rachdi/Instagram]

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