Could ‘Stranger Things’ And ‘It’ Share The Same Universe? Horrifying Theory Suggests So

Horror fans saw beyond young actor Finn Wolfhard as the only common denominator between the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and Stephen King’s horror classic It. A horrifying fan-theory suggests that the two could share the same universe as hinted by Stranger Things’ newcomer Bob Newby.

Followers of the cult TV series Stranger Things couldn’t help but notice similarities between their favorite show and the horror classic It. However, fans easily looked beyond their nostalgic treatment and feel. So this is way past Finn Wolfhard, who starred in both movie and series. A sleuth quickly uncovered a major reference to It made by a new character in the series, Inverse reported.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

In the new season of Stranger Things, Bob Newsby (Sean Astin) tries to console Will (Noah Schnapp), who was terrified with his nightmares. So, he tells him about his own nightmares when he was young. In “Chapter Three: The Pollywog,” Bob shares that a clown named Mr. Baldo tried to give him balloon in his dreams. This clown would constantly appear in his dream to torment him. However, Bob stood his ground one time and told the clown that he wasn’t afraid. It was then that the nightmares stopped. Sounds familiar, right?

As expected, fans started to come up with a theory that Stranger Things and It could be sharing the same universe. The timeline seemed to align as well, giving more credence to the theory. As pointed out by a Stranger Facts twitter post, Bob would have been a kid in the ’50s, which would line up with Pennywise’s 27-year cycle of appearances. The original It actually took place in the ’50s. However, the movie adaptation changed the timeline to the ’80s. More importantly, though, Bob hails from Maine, where It and other Stephen King creations were set.

Now fans are looking for more hidden clues that could possibly hint of a showdown between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Pennywise. One fan even pointed out that Finn Wolfard said the same line in both Stranger Things and the movie It, which may mean or may not mean something.

Speaking about the theory to Vulture, Stranger Things co-creator Matt Duffer revealed that Bob Newby’s clown nightmares were his personal reference to his childhood issues. He added that he and his brother Ross were greatly terrified of clowns, and it was triggered more when the It movie aired in the ’90s.

“Then in 1990, we saw the It miniseries and Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise really messed me up. Like, it scarred me in a major way.”

The Duffer Brothers also admitted that connections between Bob and It were intentional. There were done as shout-outs to one of their greatest influences. It is a known fact that Stephen King was one of the major inspirations for Stranger Things. However, Matt Duffer downplayed the fan theory that there could be a shared universe between the show and the cult movie It.

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