‘GTA Online’ Renovations On Sale, The P-45 Nokota Now Available, And Free Cash Delivered This Week

This week in the online option of Grand Theft Auto V, players can save on renovations for their businesses and pick up the new P-46 Nokota airplane. As usual, a new Adversary Mode and other discounts are also active this week for a limited time. GTA Online players who logged in sometime last week can also pick up their free $400,000 in-game cash at some point before November 13, too.

CEOs and property owners can save 25 percent on select renovations right now in GTA Online. This includes customization options for Executive Offices, Executive Garages, and Executive Custom Auto Shops. Add an auto shop to a business to access both a personal Los Santos Customs and a Benny’s Original Motor Works combined in one location.

A 25 percent discount is also active for body armor, ammo, and a couple of vehicles in GTA Online. Players can save some cash on the Dune FAV and the Pegassi Torero, a weaponized vehicle and a sports car respectively. The Dune FAV’s “Buy It Now” price and its trade price are both discounted according to the Rockstar Games website. Bulletproof tires and liveries are also 25 percent off right now. Not to mention, vehicle armor for both land and air modes of transportation are also on sale.

GTA Online discounts for the week of November 6
The P-45 is an old school aircraft with no AI or touchscreens. [Image by Rockstar Games]

The new P-45 Nokota airplane and the Dogfight Adversary Mode are introduced to GTA Online players this week. The P-45 plane can be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry website in-game for a little over $2.6 million. Completing the associated mission will knock down the cost to the trade price of just under $2 million. Until November 13, the Dogfight mode will reward players with double cash and RP. Two teams of players will work solely in airplanes to pluck each other from the sky for points.

Sometime before November 13, players who successfully logged in last week will receive their free cash. As the Inquisitr reported, players who logged in before November 6 are entitled to a free payday of $400,000 this week in celebration of the GTA Online anniversary. Players who did log in before that date will collect their cash when they log in sometime this week. By November 13, all eligible players should have their free cash as part of the promotion.

The discounts and bonuses this week last until November 13. When these end, players can expect new offers to follow since each week new discounts, items, and modes come to GTA Online.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]