‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre Under Suspicion For Sabotaging DiMera Enterprises, Did He Do It?

Kate has a problem at DiMera Enterprises. Days of Our Lives fans know the company leader needs to find out who is trying to sabotage the family business.

The following will contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Kate is right where she wants to be — at the helm of DiMera Enterprises. To have someone undermine her and sabotage the company is not something she will tolerate. She turned to Theo to help her, using his advanced IT skills to follow the digital trail. As things come to light, Theo shares with Kate that Andre is one to watch.

Kate confides in Chad that her husband is under suspicion. Chad will want to confront his brother right away, but Kate convinces him that more information is needed first. He instead shares his suspicions with his wife. Abigail and Andre are close, and she can’t believe he would do such a thing to the family business.

According to Soap Opera Spy, fans of Days of Our Lives can expect Chad to confront his brother on Thursday. Andre will, of course, deny the claims. Head writer Ron Carlivati had used the term “outside interloper” to describe the culprit responsible for Kate’s problems. This tells fans that Andre is innocent of this particular offense, but he is very well-known for his secrets.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that the players in this storyline will grow to include Tripp. Kate will need to keep Tripp quiet and will use a tidbit she has on him to blackmail Tripp to keep silent. Possibly it is something she overhears between Steve and Kayla. Either way, Kate taking on Tripp will eventually lead to Steve and Kayla joining her list of adversaries.


Things are already tense between Theo and Tripp on Days of Our Lives. Theo knows that Tripp is interested in his girlfriend, Claire. All of the drama with Kate and DiMera Enterprises will only make things worse for the two young men.

Do you think Andre is actually innocent this time? Who do you believe is behind the sabotage going on at DiMera Enterprises? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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