Disney Has Had Serious Talks To Buy The Majority Of 21st Century Fox

The Walt Disney Company is looking to continue growing their portfolio, and it appears they have their sights set on yet another major company. It appears as if there have been some serious talks going on for Disney to buy the majority of 21st Century Fox, but a deal has not yet been made. If things end up going through, Disney would not end up buying all of Fox, but it does seem as if most of the company would belong to the house of Mouse.

According to Business Insider, Disney and 21st Century Fox are not currently in talks, but they have had plenty of discussion over the past few weeks. If Disney were to make this acquisition, it would leave 21st Century Fox with a smaller, but more manageable company.

Should this almost buyout go through by Disney, Fox would become more focused on sports and news networks. According to Variety, though, shares of 21st Century Fox have gone up considerably ever since talk of the sale talks to Disney has started making the rounds.

While this may be something much more intricate and detailed behind the scenes, fans have taken to Twitter to immediately express their happiness in the possibilities of Disney owning both Marvel Studios and Fox.

Yes, there are huge possibilities depending on just what Disney acquires if they end up buying most of 21st Century Fox. If the movie properties come along with it, that would mean that the X-Men and Fantastic Four are in the same movie studios as the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Disney would not end up owning FOX as a television network, though, as it already owns ABC and could not own two broadcast networks at the same time. The sports channels owned by Fox would also remain in place to avoid loss of competition for ESPN which is owned by Disney.

The other properties that Disney has been interested in from Fox would be the following.

  • FX
  • National Geographic
  • Sky (UK telecoms company)

No price or other details in this possible partnership have yet been revealed, but it would be quite interesting if things end up going through as reported. 21st Century Fox is hoping that a smaller portfolio centered on sports and news could help them prosper and advance. If that ends up being the direction they want to go in, The Walt Disney Company is right there and ready to buy up almost anything they’re looking to sell off.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]