Barry Allen Will Not Be Known As The Flash In ‘Justice League’

Fans of DC are getting ready for the theatrical debut of Justice League on November 17, and with that debut comes the official introduction of three main characters in the DCEU, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash. However, while these three characters are set to be introduced to the world, one character in particular, Barry Allen’s the Flash, will actually not be known by his superhero name during the film.

According to Heroic Hollywood, while Ezra Miller’s Allen is considered to be the fastest person alive, and may eventually be known as the Flash, when he comes together with the other members of the Justice League, he will not have a moniker yet. This means that over the course of the Justice League movie, the other heroes will not be calling Barry by the name the Flash.

Much like Diana Prince was never officially referred to by her hero name of Wonder Woman during this year’s origin movie of the same name, the Flash will also be going by his real name. According to Ezra Miller, while there was at one point a scene in Justice League in which Barry Allen actually talked about what he should be called, it seems he will not be getting a superhero name at this time.

During an interview with Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot, which was posted to YouTube, the two actors had a chance to discuss their characters in Justice League. It was while Gadot and Miller were talking about the movie that the actor shared that for now, Barry is simply called Barry. In fact, he said that they did film a scene that was ultimately cut which would have seen Barry Allen, “going on and on and on trying to figure out who he should be.” This was the scene where Miller’s character was trying to determine what it is he might decide to “call himself.” While Ezra Miller seemed to understand exactly why that scene was cut based on the apparent rambling of his character, this would most likely have been when the name the Flash would have first been introduced.

For now, Barry Allen does not have a superhero name, and with the scene in Justice League where he might have worked on coming up with something to be called having been cut, audiences will not be hearing the name the Flash used as an official name for the hero just yet. Although audiences will not see Barry Allen using the name the Flash in Justice League, that does not mean that they will not get a chance to see him in action as the fastest man alive.

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