Cam Newton Pumps Up The Emotions Of The Stadium Crowd To Fuel The Carolina Panthers Victory

Cam Newton revealed the secret to his Carolina Panthers victories. It seems high emotions are the recipe for success in Panthers football. That’s why audiences see Cam strutting around, dancing, and being so over the top in his persona that he seems to fill the stadium with his Carolina team spirit.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told ESPN nothing good ever happens when the Panthers are “emotionless.”

“But one thing that stuck with me was when the Panthers are emotionless, that’s when … good things don’t happen. So whether you got to fake it, whether you got to do whatever you got to do if we can get the Bank of America Stadium with a pulse, that’s when we’re at our best and that’s all I was trying to do.”

The Carolina Panthers delivered a hard-won victory over the Atlanta Falcons last night, but one would never dream from Cam Newton’s attitude that he ever doubted the Carolina win would happen. Even though the Carolina Panthers didn’t score at all until the final 2:35 minutes of the first half, Cam Newton exuded confidence.

On the inside though, Cam Newton could have been missing his best friend and favorite Panthers wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin. Newton could be worried only a few receivers on the Carolina Panthers team can catch his passes with the accuracy Cam enjoyed with Benjamin.

Cam Newton threw to six receivers in last night’s game against the Falcons but only three receivers caught Newton’s passes. There is a lot of pressure on this veteran quarterback right now. Still, those three well-completed passes are a sign the Carolina Panthers will eventually adjust.

Cam Newton was reportedly been feeling a bit moody last week, but Newton managed to put all that aside and play his heart out on Sunday. Cam has been down because Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Bills last week, and also Newton said he had been regretting a few early season losses. For more on the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s concerns, see this from the Inquisitr.

The Carolina quarterback is a driven and passionate player with some intense and visible emotions. Nothing else though equaled the excitement of Cam Newton’s nine-yard head first Superman-style dive into the end zone. It’s a tough way to make a touchdown, but it works for Cam.

Cam Newton and Matt Kalil share a Carolina Panthers greeting. [Image by Bob Leverone/AP Images]

The Carolina Panthers played a running game since, without Kelvin Benjamin, they weren’t as confident with passes. In the Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons game, Carolina ran a total of 201 yards. The Falcons did not have a running game, reported the Boston Herald. Freeman and Coleman of Atlanta together only totaled 51 yards. Cam Newton alone ran 86 yards Sunday, according to ESPN.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback credited the defense with consistency this season. Cam Newton told ESPN he could count on defense.

“We knew what we were going to get from our defense. Our defense has been so consistent and locked in all year.”

Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers to an emotional win against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday.

[Featured Image by Mike McCarn/AP Images]

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