Cam Newton Mentions Titanic In Botched ‘Show Must Go On’ Saying, Hilarious Tweets Poke Fun At His Mistake

Cam Newton may have put his foot in his mouth during yet another post-game press conference. This time around, he apparently took the Titanic down with him (pun intended).

In the statement which has now made waves of laughter, mockery, and punchlines on Twitter, the Carolina Panthers quarterback tried to add a positive spin to the questionable aftermath of a last-minute blockbuster trade. When it was confirmed that wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Buffalo Bills, the trade made quite a few fans, critics and reporters alike question the Panthers’ future and how the loss of Benjamin would impact the rest of the Panthers’ season.

When focusing on the context of Newton’s statement, it is clear that he meant to provide the press with an inspirational reference about resilience, overcoming obstacles and the fact that the “show must go on.” However, in a botched attempt to apparently avoid that cliche statement, the 2015 NFL MVP and three-time Pro Bowl took a different route that sailed his intentions straight into a figurative iceberg.

“These are our expectations. Nobody is even given us an opportunity… We just lost a great player, but nevertheless, you know, the Titanic still has to go.”

The epic trade of Kelvin Benjamin, a former 1st round wide receiver, from the Carolina Panthers to the Buffalo Bills was an impressive acquisition for Buffalo primarily because of its overall timing and magnitude.

Minutes before the trade deadline arose, the Bills officially gave up their 3rd round pick and a 7th round pick in exchange for Benjamin — leaving the Panthers without a key offensive player while still preserving their own stockpile of early picks in next year’s NFL Draft.

It is understandable why Cam Newton would want to resonate a message of resilience and determination during Sunday’s press conference. Keep in mind that it came after the Panthers secured their 6-3 record with an impressive 20-17 win against the Atlanta Falcons.

However, perhaps he should have just stayed with the cliche “show must go on” statement instead of trying to think of a different metaphor to use without advance thought or preparation.

A growing flood of comments, jokes, and punchlines on Twitter referencing the botched press conference statement make it seem as if perhaps Cam Newton was not aware of the Titanic’s untimely demise.

Cam Newton still made a few solid points during the same press conference — especially when it came to his thoughts and commendations on Devin Funchess. According to Cam, Devin has “quiet yards,” is “savvy” and has successfully grown into his role. Newton built on his compliments regarding Funchess by stating that there were even some things that he could learn from Devin since “he is at a more poignant position” and “we are only going to get better.” He further commended Devin on grabbing the bull of his leadership role by the horns and getting everyone else to follow his lead.

Sadly, the botched Titanic reference that came moments later sunk the entire statement. Chances are that Cam Newton will get back on track and navigate through the rough waters of criticism so that he and the Carolina Panthers will be back to smooth sailing before they face the Miami Dolphins on Monday, November 13.

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