Johnny Depp Appearance On ‘Graham Norton Show’ Outrages Viewers, Host Talks ‘Week Of Sleaze’ Then Depp Enters

Many viewers of The Graham Norton Show called the host out for inviting Johnny Depp on his show after a week that has been wrought with allegations of sexual assaults and misconduct against many well-known figures in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Many questioned whether Norton was making a point by beginning his show with a monologue that reminded about the unthinkable actions of many big names in the industry.

Norton exclaimed, “It has been a week of sleaze, hasn’t it? A week of sleaze. There have been so many allegations, people’s careers are collapsing like a house of… dominoes,” after which the host introduced Johnny Depp, a man recently accused of domestic assault and who has taken a pretty massive hit to his own career because of it.

Viewers began weighing in and noting the irony of the show’s content and guest lineup, as The Wrap details.

“Graham Norton making jokes about Kevin Spacey in his monologue but then having Johnny Depp as a guest…” one tweet reads. Another twitter user writes “I’m really confused that we’re still worshiping Johnny Depp & giving him air time like on The Graham Norton Show.” And another reads, “Hang on, Graham Norton jojes [sic] about men abusing women and then welcomes Johnny Depp to his show?”

Johnny Depp has been a notable and respected actor for decades, yet the past couple of years have been rough for the star. The irony involving Norton emphasizing recent events involving allegations of sexual misconduct against individuals like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Ben Affleck paired with Depp’s appearance on the program, after having been accused of domestic abuse against his now-ex-wife Amber Heard, is tough to ignore.

Heard filed for divorce from Depp back in mid-2016 and prefaced the split with the said allegations of abuse. The former couple came to an agreement and finalized their divorce in January after Heard withdrew her claims, that Johnny fervently denied.

The Independent reminds of the former couple’s joint statement following reaching an agreement, that stated, although the relationship was”volatile…Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain. There was never any intent of physical or emotional harm.”

Despite the withdrawal of claims, Johnny Depp has continued to carry on in his film career under a cloud of these allegations.

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