Jessica Simpson Magic Sweater Worn During Oahu Beach Vacation

Oahu, HI – Jessica Simpson was spotted wearing her “magic sweater” during a recent Christmas vacation in Hawaii. Her seemingly favorite article of clothing is a green Theory sweater she has owned since 2005 and has gotten much usage over the years.

Jessica Simpson has been spotted in public many times wearing that magic sweater. The most recent instance has the picture going viral. She was spotted with her fiancé Eric Johnson and their daughter Maxwell on the beaches of Oahu, which also made the news recently because the island is supposedly disappearing over time.

But what makes this green fashion statement memorable is when Jessica Simpson told People her favorite sweater “has been through a lot … It’s my magic sweater!” She also shared a little too much information in regards to her usage of the magical sweater outside of the public eye:

“I like to wear [it] with just underwear around the house.”

In news that’s vaguely related to that statement, according to Huffington Post Jessica Simpson also posted pictures of herself looking very casual, and voluptuous, inside their vacation house.

The presence of Jessica Simpson’s magic sweater was thought to cover the presence of her baby bump since temperatures on the island beach reached a high of 82 degrees. Jessica Simpson finally announced on Twitter that her 7-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew was going to be a “big sis.”


According to OMG!, some wondered if Jessica Simpson’s $4 million deal with Weight Watchers could be in jeopardy. On Tuesday, the Weight Watchers tweeted out their congratulations to their famous client:

“Congrats…what an amazing year you’ve had.”

They also put out a press release, noting some obvious health tips when pregnant:

“[Jessica Simpson] will not be following the program during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician, as is recommended for any woman during pregnancy.”

The Jessica Simpson magic sweater will probably be spotted many times in the future. Meanwhile, congratulations on the new baby and to any new fashion ventures…perhaps one featuring a line of green magic sweaters?