Dakota Fanning And Miley Cyrus To Appear In ‘Playboy’?!

LOS ANGELES – Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus have both agreed to pose for Playboy.

Now, keep in mind that this is all from a tabloid … so take it with a grain of salt.

According to World Wide News, ever since Dakota Fanning turned 16, Hugh Hefner has tried his best to convince her to pose naked in Playboy after her 18th birthday. Finally, with the approval of Dakota’s agents and Hollywood handlers, it’s a done deal.

The photos were taken the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy’s top photographers, including Vlad Comito. Hugh Hefner approved the concept himself and said that Dakota’s photo spread was tasteful and will be appreciated by her fans of all ages.

Hefner always thought Fanning would be a hit with Playboy readers after she turned 18.

Hefner told World Wide News:

“We are excited to have her appear in the magazine. She’s a very pretty lady now.”

Hefner doesn’t understand why some people are upset about Dakota appearing in the magazine though.

Playboy CEO Sandra Piccoli said:

“Every woman wants to appear in Playboy. To a lot of boys who grew up with Dakota, she was their fantasy girl. And now, they get more to add to their fantasies.”

Playboy feels that Fanning’s issue will be a smash success. Piccoli said:

“If Dakota wants to pose naked, as an adult, she has the right to do so.”

Even if he doesn’t understand why, it doesn’t surprise Hefner that some Americans object to Dakota being in the magazine.

Hefner said:

“I think it’s a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality. Many parents have complained recently about Miley’s new videos which seem racy. There’s going to be even more complaints when they see her Playboy photo-spread. Miley has agreed to pose completely naked.”

Miley Cyrus To Appear In Playboy

Weekly World News also reported on Miley’s upcoming spread in Playboy.

After Miley turned 18, Hefner wanted to sign her on to the Playboy roster as well. Finally, with the approval of Miley’s parents (Billy Ray and Tish), it’s official– according to reports out of Arizona.

Miley’s photos were also taken the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy’s top photographers.

However, Miley is not the only Cyrus that wants to bare everything for Playboy.

According to World Wide News, Billy Ray asked Hef if Playboy would dedicate an entire Playboy issue to him. Billy Ray said:

“I’ve always wanted to appear naked in Playboy. I know it’s for guys, but I’m so damn good-looking, I deserve a spread and everyone deserves to be able to look at me naked!”

What are your thought’s on seeing Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus in the pages of Playboy?